A Cat May Look At A King

I met a king and queen today. That ought to be remarkable, but, not counting today, in the stranger part of my life over the last few years, I have known one king, two queens and a prince. The latter should strictly have been a princess, but she declined that title in favour or prince. Aah, Brigitte. Despite her habit of disappearing, and the falling out we had, I still miss her. The king and queens I knew were of the faery realm, but these new ones, so far as I can see, appear human. Their realm is that of Jasper Cove, this strange place on whose shore I have been cast.

Despite the grandeur of their title and rank, I came across them engaged in the most mundane of activities – fishing off the jetty where I came ashore. This seemed to be a matter of much excitement among the people gathered, though I have never seen the appeal of it myself. The best place for a fish is on a plate, with butter and herbs and other accoutrements, even if that pleasure is now denied me. They seemed most amiable when I introduced myself, and without the airs and graces one might have expected of the high-born.

Later, I was invited to take supper with them at the tavern in the castle courtyard, and play with them at cards. It was somewhat of a shock to me to discover that the poker table they had was the very same model that had stood in the bar at Night Haven, the table I had presided over for Brigitte at her club. In a way, it was like an old friend, even if it did induce a certain melancholia. The king was kind enough to lend me one hundred midari, which seems to be the name of the currency here. I must confess, I soon lost interest after a couple of rounds. Even at Night Haven, I much prefered to manage the tables than sit and play at them. So, I made my excuses and went out to enjoy the evening air. Wonder of wonders, I am now in debt to a king. I wonder what employment may be had in this place.


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