Solitude Standing

Last night found me seeking the wilder parts of the island again. I had gone to the tavern, and to the bath house, but had found both devoid of company. I did consider trying to gain an audience with the king, there to discuss possibly employment, but when I got to the castle, it seemed a better idea to wait. It was not that the king was busy; I never got to find that out. It was more a case of the castle guards being occupied in having an argument with Senna, who seemed determined to gain entrance to the castle, even if this meant going through the guards. I tried to advise her against it to no avail; instead, I took my leave and wandered out into the wilds instead.

In the shelter of a rather gnarled tree, I found time to take up my pen again. Though I am not sure, as yet, what adventures await Edmund, the protagonist of my story, I feel optimistic about where the story is going. While my journals have almost always been fun to write, I have not enjoyed myself as much as I have these past two days, telling this new story, something that it never occurred to me to do while I was in London.

Chapter 2


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