Poster Boy

Another early morning, again mostly spent in the company of Edmund Cussons. I think I am getting to grips with my subject now, sowing the seeds for a very different economy etc. The tricky thing is now, how to introduce the nature of Edmund’s scandal. Perhaps not immediately. Perhaps first, we need to establish that such things are acceptable on the island. The first hint being that Josh and Hargreaves live together, which could, of course, be taken perfectly innocently. I’ll have to see how things go – maybe Edmund will notice how friendly they are to each other. I am reminded of young Greyson, back in London, and the way he behaved towards me. Of course, that could have been completely innocent too. I never got the chance to find out. Part of me is still curious as to how things might have turned out. I wonder what became of him. I hope he made it out of London safely. I must ask Brigitte if she had any news. I have so little experience of such things. Admittedly, such things went on aboard ship, but that, I hope, is not representative. I know the female of the species better, but even there, I can’t really take Brigitte and Justine’s relationship as representative. For the moment, it matters little, I can’t see me getting to any relationship details with Edmund for a while yet.

In other news, preparations for the Samhain party continue. I nailed up a few more posters, and this time, they seem to be staying put. I doubt I shall ever find who uprooted the last lot. I hope that lots of people come, I would hate for Aoibheann to be disappointed. She has sorted out some lanterns and will be making some with the young princess, Remy, later. She offered to help with my costume, but I said I had it in hand. I have enough bits and pieces to fashion something Greek. Oh, and it was good to exercise my purser’s muscles again. Aoibheann had me go and check that all the suppliers were going to be able to deliver on time. I think I may have alarmed her slightly with my eagerness to go put the fear of Nathaniel Ballard into the traders. Or it could have been the maniacal laugh. Either way, all traders are fully aware of the consequences of failure now. I haven’t had so much fun in weeks.

Chapter 6


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