Agrarian Adventures

There are times when it seems like I am the only one on this island. I am sure that is not the case, but there are occasions when nobody comes into the tavern; and when I take a walk around, I can walk for hours and not see anybody. No doubt people are busy in their homes, or ensconced in the castle. Much goes on there, I am sure, but I don’t like to intrude unless I have specific business or I am invited. I should go see the king soon though, offer my services and pay off my loan.

That is one thing I have achieved of late, earning some money. Aside from the monies I have earned from Aoibheann by doing the books at the tavern, I have become quite the agrarian. For all my previous protests, I have found that fishing is quite relaxing, and I am able to sell my catch at the shop. It is not a huge income, but is sufficient for my needs. Likewise, I found myself gathering herbs and selling those. It is fortunate that Mother was so keen on herbalism, so I can actually recognise the more useful ones. Some of the more obscure ones, of course, she purchased, dried and shredded, so I never saw the living version save for illustrations in her books.

It is quite appropriate that I have discovered these activities, since I am creating Serendipity Island as an agrarian community. I doubt that I shall find the opportunity to keep sheep or milk a cow here, but the herb gathering and fishing has given me some idea. I did write that Edmund had fished as a boy, so it is good to have some clue how it works in real life.

I am getting to the stage where I need to make notes. I have some idea as to the general organisation of the island and its people, but I still need to reveal that as the story progresses. And, I suppose I should make myself a dramatis personae of sorts. I have introduced quite a few characters, so I need to know about them. Some I will not meet again – Edmund’s associates back in London, the crew and passengers on the Bellerophon… unless that comes back some time. However, I have already introduced Mavis, Marcus, Garrick, Evelyn, Mildred, Josh and Hargreaves; with some hints as to their appearance and character. I’m a little concerned that I introduced Mildred in what might be seen as a subservient role, but her importance will come out in the near future. This is turning out to be harder work than I had envisaged, but I am enjoying it tremendously, even if I never find a publisher, or somebody to read it. I can’t imagine why I never thought to try this before, aside from my abominable poetry efforts. For all the reading I have done, for all the thousands of words that have flowed from my pen into my journals, I can’t believe I never thought to write fiction. Perhaps it will come to nothing, but at least I can say I tried. And, it keeps me busy between stints at the tavern.


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