The (Little) Lady Vanishes

I suppose, strictly speaking, one lady reappears and another vanishes. Aoibheann reappeared, claiming she had gotten lost. Quite how one gets lost on an island that you could spit across, I don’t rightly know, but she did not venture any other explanation, so I let it go, for now.
We have a new employee, supposedly. I have yet to meet her. All I know is her name is Gwyn, she has long blonde hair and she wears pants. Oh, and she is helping out in exchange for room and board. So, there is not much to trouble my accounting system there.

Aoibheann was worried about the catering for the party, but I assured her that I had put all the suppliers, of perishables anyway, on hold. She was fine with the party being moved to Monday, so I went around and stuck an update on the posters.

The king sent word, via a footman, that we should stand by to receive one of the princesses for some lessons in real life. I was not quite sure what this meant, but I am guessing that it involves the real life application of arithmetic or some such, rather than an introduction to the perils of alcohol. A little while later, a maid turned up with the littlest one, Hadley, in tow. When I remarked that she was perhaps a little young for tavern mathematics, the maid assured me that Wren would be down later. She then deposited the child on a play mat in the middle of the tavern and proceeded to leave us in charge while she did a bit of shopping.

The child seems to be developing coordination nicely, managing to hit Aoibheann on the head with a well-aimed alphabet brick. More seriously, she appears to have abilities unusual in a toddler. That is to say, she has the ability to cast a portal, or something similar. All I know is that she seemed to concentrate for a moment and promptly vanished into thin air. Aiobheann, feeling she had been left in charge, was naturally somewhat panic-stricken. The maid returned shortly afterwards and seemed unperturbed. This is a trick that the child frequently pulls, and she is usually found somewhere about the island eventually. I assisted in the search, checking the stables, the alleyways behind the buildings and so forth. As of when I left, she had not been found, but nobody, other than Aoibheann, seemed to be worrying too much.

With all this excitement, I felt quite unable to concentrate on my writing, so Edmund’s adventures did not progress any further today. I must jot down some character sketches of the cast so far. Some may be bit-part-players; others will have their larger role to play. I should probably decide who does what at some point.


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