Careers Advice for a Dragon

I do not know what has become of Aoibheann or Gywn, so the tavern was my responsibility today. Not that there was anybody to be responsible for. At least I got some more notes done for Edmund’s next adventure.

Anna dropped by to see if we wanted any stew. I said I would take some, just in case anybody came in. She said to come over to the infirmary with her to collect it, and also, to say hi to the queen, who was apparently confined to bed and bored out of her mind. When I got there, I could not see how she could be that bored, with all three children in attendance. One was still in her dragon costume from the party on Monday, so I joked about whether or not it was safe to enter, with a fierce dragon in the room. I think she appreciated the joke. The queen was amused and asked when the child had last changed, to which I added my estimation that it was now Wednesday and the party had been on Monday. I also wondered how comfortable the costume was to sleep in. The child replied that it was very comfy provided she slept on her stomach and that she was hoping if she wore it long enough, she would turn into a real dragon. I told her this was an admirable ambition, but asked if she had considered all the ramifications. I mentioned the requirement for dragons to sleep in a cold, damp cave, on top of a very uncomfortable pile of gold, quite apart from the difficulty of kissing your mother when you breathe fire all the time. The queen was amused and weighed in with the need for dragons to be very intelligent, meaning that she might have to endure an additional two hours of schooling a day. I confirmed this, saying that I had seen Gonthore the dragon recently, still studying at nine in the evening. All this careers advice seemed to have the desired effect and the child disappeared (in the conventional sense of walking out of the building, not just vanishing like her sister), to reappear shortly in her more normal apparel. Mission accomplished, I returned to the tavern with the stew. The king was just on his way into the infirmary to visit his lady, but was too busy with that to be worth reminding him about our planned meeting. It will happen some time.


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