It Never Rains pt 2

I’ll be here forever if I ramble in my usual style, so this will be an abbreviated entry. Not that anyone else will ever know…

Of course, that was just the morning. The real rain came later in the evening. It started innocently enough with just myself and Gwyn in the bar. She was cleaning, as usual. I told her about frightening Lalla, forgetting that she probably hadn’t met her. Gywn sympathised and then asked how old I was. She seemed far less bothered by my answer, but then, I do believe she has expressed an interest in fantastical fiction, so perhaps that makes the situation easier to comprehend. She then chastised me for not noticing something different, that is to say, her appearing to be two feet taller than normal, thanks to a small stool. I tried to claim a gentlemanly defence, in that I would never call attention to a lady’s height, but I don’t think she bought it.

We were interrupted by the arrival of a new customer. I have not seen his like before, but later, Bound, and then Cristof, seemed to have previous experience. He was a cat, or rather, a cat-like being. Imagine a smallish human, but with fur, a tail, and cat’s head. Not a neko, such as I had known in London. His name turned out to by Bynx, and by the look of the little wand he had, he was a magic user. Gwyn made his some warmed up cream steamed with brandy, which he seemed to like very much. He was a little shy, but turned out to be generous in the matter of tips later.

Shortly after, a woman appeared, with a top-hatted and masked gentleman in tow. She was rather wet and explained that her journey here had involved pirates and the gentleman had assisted her. She also described him as a eunuch, which seemed a little harsh. Gwyn gave her at towel so she could dry off. She wanted a room, but did not have any midari. She did, however, present a rather handsome, and, I suspect old, Spanish gold coin as security against payment. I booked her into a room, along with a couple of bottles of port. Her name was Meridiana

Gwyn told me that dinner tonight was some Caribbean dish. She also introduced me to the Spanish lady as Duke of the Universe and Pontif of Mumblesex. I have no idea what that was about, but played along and claimed that I had relinquished the pontiff title after the Convocation of Espresso.

Then Bound came in and had some food and ale. He seemed a little more relaxed and at peace with himself. Maybe he did listen to the advice Gwyn and I gave him the other night. Something about him seemed to fascinate Bynx.

Then we had an actual Neko, who introduced herself as Roxey. She wanted some warm milk, which was easy enough, without having to use the espresso thing. She was very pale in colour, but just being a Neko was enough to remind me of my dear Valene, and how much I miss her. I wonder where she is now.

Meridiana went upstairs with the alleged eunuch. I made a joke about noblemen and no-ball men. Gwyn then told me that Mumblesex was where teevee presenters come from. Since this was something that Lalla had mentioned, I asked what teevee was, and learned it was some kind of box in which you can watch images and hear sounds. I had heard of moving pictures being a new invention, so I assumed this was a variation on that theme. I shall have to tell Lalla that I now know what it is, even if I have yet to determine if it happens here.

Meridiana came down and had a glass of mulled wine. She seemed fascinated by Bound, and in particular, how he bled from his chains, causing me to wonder if she was like me. With all these people around, it did not seem the right time to ask. We told her a little about Jasper Cove and the royal family.

Isabella turned up, looking somewhat distracted. I tried to make some introductions, and she did her best, but seemed to not be entirely with it. I have heard that Alec is not well, so I guessed that was what was on her mind. She left soon after and Aoibheann, who had returned from wherever, went after her.

Gywn, it appears, is somewhat of an artist. While it was quiet, she gave me a sketch she had done of me. It was rather good.

Cicely turned up just as the queen was leaving, so just managed to get an introduction. She seemed highly pleased with this. She also seemed quite taken with the Caribbean chicken and a glass of ale.

Shortly after that, we had another new customer, who also booked a room. He seemed very determined to ignore Meridiana. Lacking any midari, he gave me a genuine British sovereign as deposit on the room and then disappeared upstairs.

Cicely seemed to be enjoying the Caribbean so I told her a little about the place. If I remember the history, the Spaniards would have only just been settling that area in her time. I am afraid I somewhat startled her when I mentioned my era. I really must work on my delivery regarding that aspect of this place.

Isabella reappeared, looking a little better, with Hadley. She had some milk but did not stay long.

Cristof turned up with the hounds but without a shirt. The hounds seemed to worry Bynx at first, but he soon settled down. Aoibheann came back and was a little alarmed by the cat, but seemed better after I introduced him. It seems she has decided that reading a poem to Alec will help. I suggested one that I knew she had in her book and she went off to study it. Anna came by with the meals for the day, which I deposited in the kitchen, but she soon left, presumably to attend her patient.

Pretty soon, it was just me in the bar for a while, so I concentrated on working out details for Edmund’s next adventure. Lalla came by later. I told her she could use the poker room to store her stuff and gave her a few things to repair. We chatted about dancing and things for a while. I’m beginning to like her, she is very relaxing to be around, when she isn’t being pestered by Adam.

(picture by Gwyn)


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