A Man and a Wolf

Sleep may have come quickly, but as is so often the case with me, it went away again just as quickly. Not wishing to disturb Lalla, I slipped quietly out and went across to the tavern. Oh what a sight there was. Bound standing at one end of the bar, Cristof at the other with his hounds, and Aoibheann, Meridiana and Third hunched into the corner. Why? Well, it could have had something to do with the fact that Emanuel was in the middle of the bar, turning into his wolf-man form. My immediate reaction was to protect the ladies, so I positioned myself between him and them, advising them, if they could, to move quietly and slowly out and lock themselves in the bath house. I remembered the last time I had encountered a werewolf in this form back in London, and it had not been a pretty sight. I remembered to keep my movements slow and non-aggressive. The ladies refused to leave, but Third did, muttering something about needing to quell is Gewgaw or something like that, I didn’t really hear.

Emanuel seemed mostly focused on Cristof, although I could see Bound readying himself in the background, wrapping a length if chain around his hand. The next few minutes were a bit of a blur, with a fight going on between Emanuel and Cristof and his hounds. Much blood was being spilled and furniture broken. I could feel Aoibheann behind me, but she was coping very well. I imagine that she has had similar experiences with the dragons in her homeland. Eventually, it was she who got through to Emanuel, by mentioning Anna’s name. This seemed to bring him back to some semblance of his senses. Transforming to full wolf, he loped off and disappeared out of the castle grounds. He seemed more intent on finding a place to hide rather than attacking.

Aoibheann, as is her wont, resorted to her normal tactic of trying to clean up the mess. Cristof had his hounds lick up most of the blood, which seemed a little odd; until I noticed his hands were claw-like. Perhaps, he too is a vampire of sorts. I helped clean up the broken furniture while he finished the mopping.

Lalla came by while we were doing this, and was naturally a little concerned. I explained briefly what was happening and she decided to go back to the flat. I told her I would see her there in a while. Bynx came by and offered Cristof some healing, which he declined, saying mostly he needed to clean himself up and then he would heal by his own means.

We finished cleaning up the mess as best we could and I headed back to the flat.

(See Aoibheann’s Diary)


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