The Patience of Patients

After the events of the previous night, it was almost a relief to have an uneventful day. Why, I managed to get through a whole 24 hours without somebody trying to sacrifice me to a demonic figure.

It was quiet around the castle for most of the day. I was looking out of the balcony window at one point and saw a rather equine figure standing near the tavern. It was equine in the sense of having a horse-like head and hooves, at least. I could not see the rest because the creature was wearing a long cloak. It was standing upright, so I am guessing it is not a cousin of Mitternacht’s. It made me think briefly of Gloriana, back in the Isle of Legacies, except she was much fairer to the eye, having a human head. I wonder how she is doing now. I also saw a woman I had not seen around the island before. Despite that, there was something vaguely familiar about her. Neither of these two was around when I went out into the courtyard later.

Lalla turned up at long last. She seemed well enough, but I gathered that Adam had been being a bit of a pain. She did not venture to say where she had been, other than “about”. I told her I was glad to see her and that she hadn’t jumped on a ship yet. She asked how I had been, to which I rather nonchalantly replied, “Oh, the usual, dealing with comatose friends and being nearly eaten by a demon.” I think she must be getting used to Jasper Cove, because she just laughed. I told her I was going to go visit said comatose friend and said she could come along, but she said she would rather stay in and finish off the clothing repairs, so I left her to it.

I went to visit Gwyn again. She seemed more agitated than before and had clearly been tossing and turning. I tidied up the bed for her and mopped her face with a flannel. There was still no sign of Anna, so I don’t know what, if any, prognosis there is for her. There was not a lot else I could do, so I just sat for a while, stroking her hand or her head, calling her name gently and reciting Coleridge’s The Nightingale to her. Anna did not show up while I was there, so I tucked Gwyn back into bed and went for a walk around the castle. Anna was not around the infirmary, the bookstore or the schoolroom, and I was unable to get any answer from the palace.

Despite Aoibheann’s efforts to sacrifice me, I still felt obliged to put in some time at the tavern. This turned out to be no effort as I did not see a single customer all the time I was there. At least I managed to get some more notes down about the next chapter for Edmund. Who knows? Maybe I will get round to actually writing it some time.


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