Awkward Conversations

I really should think before I speak. It would probably save me a lot of grief. I ran into Wren this morning, on my way over to the tavern. I saluted her and asked if all stations were secure, which she was happy to report was the case, other than complaints about the cold. I assured her that the weather was outside the realms of a patrolman’s duties. This led to a discussion on possible ways of controlling the weather, such as rain-dances and the various methods suggested in fiction. This, in turn led to an explanation, of sorts, as to what this internet thing I have heard about was for. I’m not entirely sure what she meant, but the idea of being able to access the libraries of the world sounded good. She did warn that there were weird people on it though. I assured here that there were weird people in all walks of life, such as the ranting preacher that used to haunt the pubs when I was a student. This was possibly a mistake, since I told her some of the things that he would rant about and then had to explain what a fornicator was. Fortunately, she did seem to have had some education as regards reproduction etc and is still at the age where such things are gross. Hopefully, that will be the end of that discussion.

Otherwise, it’s been quiet. I am now starting to feel uncertain if I am just sleeping for long periods, or if time is a little fractured here on the island. It sometimes feels as though I have skipped a day or two and been unaware of it. Maybe that is something that happens to my kind, but who to ask? Brigitte, I suppose, would be the best bet, as she knows me, and knows what I am. But I have not seen her in a while. I saw Gwyn and Aoibheann briefly the other night, but we did not have much to say – Gwyn was tired and Aoibheann wanted to go across to some lessons at the school. We did speak briefly of face masks. I told Gwyn about the one Mother used to use on her face, with oatmeal and cucumbers. Later, I saw the bard, Gwydion, in the tavern. I don’t know if he left the island and came back, or has just been hiding. We spoke only of festivities and wondered what might be planned for Yule in these parts. Some of the furniture had been overturned as though there had been some sort of fight, but nobody was around who knew what had happened. I put it all back in place and resolved to ask Aoibheann when I saw her next.

I am still getting nowhere with the next chapter of Edmund’s story. It has been a couple of weeks since I wrote anything substantial. I suppose some of that can be attributed to the distractions of having Lalla around, reading to Gwyn and dealing with the Wild Hunt, but even so, I really should get back to it. Maybe I need to try something different. Give myself a break from Edmund and try something different instead. That might help.


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