Dinner for Two

Well, it seems that the furniture disruption was down to Aoibheann’s friend, Damion. Not, so far as I was able to tell, because of any intentional violence but rather, down to a broken wing.

I found Aoibheann at the tavern, preparing a meal. She was expecting Damion for dinner and decided to make something special for him. I don’t quite know what, but from the smell, it definitely included bacon. It’s strange how certain smells can make me miss eating real food. She did offer to make some for me, but I declined. Fortunately, she did not press the matter. Despite the various traumatic experiences of the last few days, she seemed in an amiable mood. She told me Lalla had been into the tavern for some lunch and asked if I had seen her. “Not for a couple of days,” I told her, trying to explain that Lalla did her own thing and was not obligated to me in any way. I’m not sure I got my point across, but decided not to argue. To do so would just give the impression that I thought there was something wrong with my arrangements with Lalla. I don’t, so why defend it? Any more than I feel obliged to overly protest Aoibheann’s misapprehensions regarding my masculinity or Gwyn’s about my sexuality. Now there’s a thought that could be applicable to Edmund’s situation; why defend against something that is not wrong?

Aoibheann was fussing around trying to get ready for dinner. She asked if there was anything she had forgotten, so I suggested putting another dress on and maybe making some dessert. She wasn’t sure what to make, so I suggested bread pudding. Not for any great culinary merit to that dish, so much as being the only dessert I could remember how to make. She thought she could manage that. Since she seemed in a more amiable mood, I asked about the overturned furniture. She told me that Damion had broken his arm trying to help a wolf, and that this had affected his ability to fly, resulting in overturned furniture. I did not press her as to why it hadn’t been replaced.

I asked about the school lesson and she told me that it had been unhelpful. Naurore did not seem to be able to maintain discipline, so the class largely consisted of Wren and Ember talking about dragons, while Luna spent much of the time talking to her self at the back. I told her that Miss Martin, my school teacher when I was that age, would not have tolerated such behaviour. Aoibheann suggested that Luna would probably not have been allowed in Miss Martin’s class either. I had to agree with her on that, but then, I did go to an all boys’ school.

Wren then appeared, in search of Ember. Apparently they were planning on building a snowman. Instead, she sat at the bar and ordered some cocoa. I made some for her and brought a bowl of scraps for her pet rat. She asked if I had any pets, so I told her about our black Labrador, also called Cocoa, that we had when I was her age. I said I would have liked to have a cat, but that my job made it impossible. She wanted to know what my job was, so I told her about it. Oh to be young again, for she seemed to think it was much more exciting than it was in reality. I assured her that I had never had to fight off any pirates, and that the only weapons I ever had were a ceremonial sword as part of my uniform and a small pistol I kept for when I was out in a strange port.

Aoibheann came down, having changed into a nicer dress, and apparently, treated herself to the oatmeal face mask that we had discussed the other evening. Wren seemed to find the idea that Aoibheann was having a date amusing, but I assured her it was a very nice thing to do and that some day, she might want to go on a date too. Of course, at her age, she seemed to find this idea amusing also. She might be right. She seems so intent on being the tough soldier type, maybe she won’t have time for dating. I left shortly thereafter, to give Aoibheann space to have her date without me hovering in the background. I hope it goes well for her.


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