Telling on the Boss

My morning stock-take was interrupted by screams and Gaelic cursing.  Well, from the tone, I assumed it was cursing.  I don’t speak the language, but it sounded like a curse to me.  It was Aoibheann’s voice, coming from one of the upstairs rooms.  On the one hand, it was good that she was still alive and had not been eaten by the Hunter; but on the other hand, she sounded like she was in pain.  I called up the stairs, but she insisted, against all the evidence, that everything was fine and that I should leave her alone. I tried again, but she was most insistent.  Knowing how angry she can get, I opted for discretion rather than valour and left her to it. 

Later in the day, I went up, and found some splashes of water, possibly blood stained, so wondered if she had been hurt, and had been trying to clean up.  I saw lights across the road at the infirmary so wandered across to see if Anna was in.  She was, indeed, there, trying to restrain Riley from organising her herbs. I laughed and asked if I could borrow Riley to sort out the mess in the cellar, reasoning that any order was better than none.  She put Riley down on the floor and told her to play with her stickers instead of the herbs.  Riley started sorting the stickers into some sort of pattern, so I watched for a while, seeing if I could fathom it out.  Anna said that I was welcome to try, but warned that Riley’s sorting might not be what I wanted.

I told her about Aoibheann and she agreed to look out for her, although she did offer an alternative explanation, suggesting it could have been something of a feminine nature. I had to laugh at that point, remembering how cranky my dear Alexandra could get when her courses came.  However, I pointed out that despite this, she had never actually screamed in pain or cursed so eloquently.

The discussion was made somewhat moot by a rather tired and bedraggled looking Aoibheann turning up at the door.  She seemed a little surprised to see me, but then asked if she could have a word with Anna, there being something she wanted her to look at. Just in case Anna was right, I decided to leave them to it, pausing only to make a suggestion regarding Riley’s patterns.  She was a little alarmed, but said only “No” and pushed the suggested sticker back to where it had been.  I’m not sure, but I think I had it sorted out.  Perhaps I will try again later.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps it is because she reminds me of some of the children at the home Mother used to support.  Either that or I am hoping that spending time with her, and Anna, might trigger some of Anna’s memories.

As I left, Aoibheann asked if I might clean up the mess in the kitchen. She seemed reluctant to do so, as she does when asking me to do anything, but maybe that is just her not being used to being the boss.  I looked across to the tavern and saw that the bar was empty and assured her that I was happy to do so.  I told her to get herself sorted and not worry about it and left to do her bidding.

I haven’t heard from Brigitte yet, but then, she does not seem to be around much these days.  Hopefully I will see her before I next see Sophia.



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