The Numbers of the Child

I am starting to make some connection with Riley, which is nice.  If only I knew what connection. I found her out in the courtyard near the tavern, playing with her stickers.  I wandered over, partly to see if I could make any more sense of the way she arranged them, but also because there was a rather large, hairy creature with an enormous spear across her back standing nearby, watching.  I have no idea what manner of creature it was, save that it reminded me somewhat of Darkfang.  Correction, a female version of Darkfang.  Clearly and abundantly female.  She introduced herself as Volvoretta, or something akin to that.  Her English was not the best and her whole manner and speech indicated somewhat of a tribal warrior background, though of what country or culture, I could not imagine.  However, despite her height and scary appearance, and her rather nonchalant habit of chewing on bones; she seemed to have no aggressive intent towards the child.  Rather, she seemed more interested, as I was, in establishing a rapport with her.  Riley herself seemed unfazed by the creature, but then, she has seen many strange beings here in the Cove before.  Volvoretta tried to interest Riley in some patterns of her own, drawing in chalk on the pavement, but Riley was intent still on her stickers.  Then, having been given the chalk, she focussed her attention on me, writing numbers around me in a circle, thus:

3-4-14-1 |11| |137| |139| |141|

She continued, repeating the same sequence over and over again.  For all that I am a mathematician; I could not immediately fathom a meaning from them.  The last three numbers seemed as though they should mean something to me, but what that was eluded me for the moment. Perhaps it will become clear later.  Despite that, I was pleased to have made some progress, in that Riley is beginning to relate to me, and for that, I gave her a glass of milk, which she seems to be fond of.


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