It’s in the Blood

For much of my life, I have tried my best to avoid politics, and all the games that are involved.  There are times when it has been unavoidable, and I have found that I can play those games, and even play them well, but it is a complication I would rather do without.  Sadly, however, no matter where I go, such things seem to follow me. For all that I have tried to stay out of such things; it appears that Brigitte is intent on forming a Camarilla here on the island, and once again claiming the mantle of Prince.  Much as I would like to live my life here unencumbered by Kindred matters, I am bound by the oath I once swore her, albeit an oath sworn in a different time and a different place. Of course, I will hold true to that oath, but part of me can’t help to hope that its effect on my day-to-day existence will be minimal. Given how few of us there are, perhaps that will be the case.

Brigitte emerged from wherever she had been hiding and, having found my note, came to me in the tavern as I was preparing the books. Given the nature of the discussion I wished to have with her, I agreed to her suggestion that we relocate to somewhere more private.  This turned out to be a pleasantly furnished library hidden in the depths of the mine workings below the hill.  This, it would appear is our local Elysium, reminding me of the various places back in London that had at one point or another claimed that title.  After some discussion, I learned what it was I needed to know for Sophia’s benefit regarding the nature of ghouls, but I suspect that Brigitte imagines some other motive for my enquiry.  She kept admonishing me about attempting to engage in any ghoul-related activities. I tried to reassure her that I had no such intention, but she would not let up.

At this point, we were interrupted by the arrival of Carmen, my Creole friend from the previous evening, supposedly just exploring. Clearly she had overheard some part of our conversation, for she almost immediately introduced herself as being of clan Gangrel.  She also claimed various other titles, including Sheriff and Primogen.  This was where Brigitte claimed the mantle of Prince for the first time, at least, in my hearing. I considered claiming some titles for myself, but decided not to. My disdain for rank and title dissuaded me and I felt that there was no need in this case.  Aside from a comment on Carmen’s journey, I left matters in Brigitte’s hands.  In truth, I was somewhat tired and felt myself drifting off.  I do not know that I missed much of the subsequent conversation, but when I awoke, they were both gone.

I am sure Brigitte will have more to say to me. I don’t know what I can say to her without revealing Sophia’s secrets, when I am not entirely sure I am at liberty to do so. I can see it being an uncomfortable situation, as I am somewhat fed up with Brigitte treating me like a child.  Yes, I am young in Kindred years and younger still in terms of my education in our ways, but that is hardly my fault. It is not as if I am likely to act irresponsibly.  I did that once and learned my lesson, and that act has been forgiven by those affected. I don’t know if I can make Brigitte understand that and persuade her to treat me as more of an equal. I love her dearly, but the way she pulls rank on me sometimes puts a strain on that friendship.

At least, though, I can reassure Sophia next time I see her. From what Brigitte told me, she is in no danger of reverting to her injured state, and though she may suffer withdrawal, she has not been a ghoul long enough to suffer any ill effects from accelerated aging. I still do not know if I would offer her my vitae.  If I did, unlike Tory, I would make sure she was in full possession of the facts.  Whether or not I could persuade Brigitte of the wisdom, or otherwise, of my actions, I do not know.  If Sophia’s life were in danger, I would not hesitate, but since it is not, I will count discretion the better part of valour for now.

I must head out into the woods and hunt again.  I have neglected myself these last couple of days, and that cannot be a good thing.



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