Making Light Again

I stopped to say hello to Mitternacht on my way over to the tavern. She was making coffee cake, so I ordered one for the tavern, thinking it would go well with the Irish coffee, should Sophia come in. She asked me how the magic was going. I told her it was going reasonably well, but still needed concentration. Of course, when I tried to demonstrate, it just would not come. I blamed various distractions, including the coffee cake.
She offered to give me a boost to help with the magic, offering some of her own power, but first, there were some secrets to be told. Secrets I needed to know before she shared her magic, and because I was “Hiinaa” – part of her herd, as was Aoibheann. I guess I should be honoured by that.

I accepted her offer and she told me the secret – that she was dead, had been for 64 years, and was now a variety of undead called a lich. I had only heard of such things in fiction or folklore, but I wasn’t about to argue. Until seven or eight years ago, I thought what I was to be fiction also. Since she had shared this with me, I confessed my nature to her. She accepted that, even though she didn’t really know what such a thing was. I said I would explain another time.

So, onto the magic. She offered me her hoof to hold, and then she started concentrating, building up her own energies to try to pass to me. It had some rather odd effects, not least of which was breaking the illusion, or glamour that surrounded her appearance, revealing a somewhat more emaciated, not to say, skeletal version of herself. The energy, her magic, which she passed to me felt very strange and smelled (that was the nearest sense I could think of to describe it) of death and decay. It was curiously alien, yet somehow, not unlike my own energies. This would make sense if we are both varieties of undead. It felt uneasy at first, but with some concentration and settling, I found a way to let it sit along side my own and meld with it.

I tried again, and this time, I had more success, though the light I produced was red, as before, but this time tinged with green, which I suspect came from Mitternacht’s energies. She told me that the energy was temporary, meant mostly to help me located and focus on mine. I decided I would take it back up to the apartment with me and practice some more, while I still had it. I couldn’t see anybody in the courtyard or in the vicinity of the tavern, so I figured the tavern could wait.


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