Making Music

I went for a walk around the courtyard later in the day, after seeing Sophia. I found Zarla out there, prancing around outside the infirmary, but apparently not intending to visit there. She was in a happy mood, not that I have yet seen her in any other, and was quite pleased that her singing and dancing had stopped the rain. I have no idea if that had anything to do with it, but she was quite convinced that was the case, and was now taking the opportunity to explore without getting soaked.

I asked after her pan-pipes, which she said had dried quite well, even if one pipe had cracked. She was not overly concerned by this, since she could easily make another. That impressed me, and I told her so, claiming the limits of my own expertise with woodwork being general carpentry and house construction. She told me it was easy enough and even offered to teach me, while warning that I would likely break a few pipes before I got it right. She also said that her father could make all sorts of instruments, even up to a harpsichord. I told her about mother’s piano-playing and my lack of application in learning to do so myself. Zarla said she wanted to play the organ, but didn’t know where she might find one. I said I couldn’t help her on that unless there was one somewhere in the palace. I also joked that I always thought I lacked sufficient limbs to work an organ, and much as I liked org

We talked briefly about portable instruments. I suggested the recorder, which had been almost compulsory at school, but she gave the distinct impression of not being a fan of said instrument. She suggested instead an ocarina, as being portable and simple to play. I must admit, I did not know what an ocarina was, other than something you blow into. She offered to show me her ocarina next time she saw me when she had it with her.
We spoke also of songs and singing and the various verses of “Drunken Sailor”, which would have been fun to learn what verses she knew, but I was interrupted by the tyranny of my watch chiming the hour. Time to get to work. But, I am sure I will see our resident bard around again soon.


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