Aliens in my Head?

The contemplative mood engendered by Lennon’s composition was somewhat spoiled a little later by that wretched child, Luna. She appeared at the doorway and when I asked if she wanted anything, rudely demanded a juice-box.  I assumed she meant one of the small cartons of juice that lurked beneath the bar, as I had seen some of the other children with them.  This child, however, lacks even the basic social graces, and the notion of politeness would appear to be totally alien to her. An apt expression, since when I called her on her lack of manners, she claimed that only aliens say please or thank you and that was how you could tell that aliens had stolen somebody’s brain.  When I asked if that meant everybody else on the island, including myself and Aoibheann, who had just appeared from the kitchen, looking like she had a major headache was an alien, she retreated slightly, mumbling something I didn’t quite catch.  She then told us that we would all be sorry because we didn’t know anything about aliens and that she, Luna, would save us all and we would have to give her medals for her valour and awesomeness.  She then added, rather maliciously, that she hoped they would come for Aoibheann first, to devour her little brain.  Now I know there is little love lost between the two of them, but that seemed a little over the top, even from this particular child.  I told her that while I looked forward to her valour, I doubted it would happen because I was fairly sure that the aliens would go for the younger minds first, finding them easier to control.  She didn’t like that idea, threw her empty juice-box at me and stomped off. What a charming child.

I turned my attention to Aoibheann, who seemed to be in real pain, offering to get her something for the headache.  She told me that she thought she had met an alien, by which I think she meant something more than just a person from another country.  She said it was some kind of insect, a giant insect with a baby that was very hungry, and that it had spoken inside her head.  Now, thanks to the wretched Luna, she was worried that something had been done to her.  I did my best to reassure her, reminding her that we had survived other strange creatures here in the cove. I also reminded her that other creatures we had encountered spoke “inside our heads” and told her how I had sometimes gotten a headache before from it. I think I managed to ease her fears and she promised to go and get some sleep and then see Anna if the headache persisted. I left her to get the aforementioned rest, thinking that perhaps something should be done about Luna. Her malicious nature towards Aoibheann is one thing, and I am not entirely convinced that she should be trusted alone with Hadley.


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