Insects in the Garden

It seems that Aoibheann was right about strange insect beings.  I was looking out of the window to see if it was worth wandering across to the tavern and there was one, sitting in the garden, feeding its young, looking for all the world like a family out for a picnic, were it not for the excessive number of legs, exoskeletons etc.  While I was sure that it represented no danger, I would have felt better had I had my sword about my person, but that was still under the counter at the tavern, in case Aoibheann had need of it. I took a chance and sidled nonchalantly around the courtyard and into the tavern.  The insect paid me no heed, so I hooked the sword on under my coat and wandered out again and greeted said creature. It acknowledged me with a wave of, well, some limb-like extremity. I don’t remember much of my insect anatomy from school biology classes, so it could have been an antenna or possibly a mouth part.  I went into the kitchen and procured a cabbage and filled a bowl with water and sugar, thinking one or other of these might be attractive to an insect.  These offerings were devoured quite readily and one of the smaller insects even returned the bowl to me.  I started getting a bit of a headache and realised the creature was trying to communicate.  The link was not perfect, but I understood that these creatures had come from elsewhere, having lost their home and that they intended no harm to any of our “hive”.  I tried to visualise the forest at the far end of the island, thinking that might be a more suitable habitat than the middle of the courtyard.  I don’t know if I succeeded, but I got the impression that we were safe for the moment.  Then, the creature gathered her young together and flew off, perhaps to find something to eat in the forest.  I wonder what the Hunter would make of them.


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