Family Matters

I am intrigued by these new arrivals.  I took a few moments to pop over to the tavern to check on a few things and found Jada outside, walking around in the sunshine.  I asked if she had eaten yet, but she said she would wait until her brother woke up, as it was polite to wait for everybody to be there before eating.  Such politeness in one so young, it was really quite refreshing.  One might almost have believed she was brought up in my era.  I assured her that I was sure Kale would not mind if she had a drink of something while she waited.  I offered some milk and she asked if she could have chocolate syrup in it. I did not think we had such a thing, but a few moments work with some cocoa powder and warming some milk over the brazier did the trick.  She sat herself at the table, and despite her misgiving about eating, seemed quite content with the cookies I brought out with the milk.  She was quite intrigued by how old this place looked, and especially the big castle, like they have in fairy tales, and wanted to know if we had a king and queen and princesses and whether they were nice or mean and scary.  I told her about them and she was surprised at how big the royal family was, after I told them all the names.

Then she asked me if I had any children.  The question threw me somewhat, for a moment, but it was a natural question.  I wasn’t quite sure how to explain, especially as I suspected that she might have lost her parents, but in the end, opted to be straightforward. I explained that Arthur lived with my brother and his wife, how my wife had died and how my brother was bringing up Arthur as his own.  She was very sympathetic in her own sweet way, saying that she was sure Arthur missed me.

This led to her telling me part of her story.  How she had two mommies, Faith and Victoria, who loved them both a lot.  She and Kale are twins, with Kale being the elder by five minutes.  Jada came second, but was tangled up in the umbilical cord, which is why she has to walk with crutches.  She told me that Faith got sick and had to take a really long nap.  I’m guessing she meant a coma.  Then some people took them away from their other mommie, separating them and placing them with different people – presumably foster parents.  She skipped from there to how the boatman found them, so I don’t know what happened in between.  Possibly they ran away from their foster parents, or maybe a care home, so they could be together.  The two mommies bit threw me at first.  Initially I thought maybe she was talking about foster parents, but then, from the way she spoke of them, I thought maybe Faith & Victoria were a couple, like Brigitte & Justine (though I hope, for the kids’ sake, not exactly like Brigitte & Justine).   

I reassured her that the boatman did not take people without good reason and that we had people on the island who would take care of them, and that they could even go to school if they wanted.  She wasn’t too keen on that idea because their previous school had tried to separate them.  Again, I assured her that this would not happen here.

Aoibheann turned up while we were talking, so I made the appropriate introductions.  Aoibheann fretted a little about Kale possibly being sick, despite my assurances that he had seemed healthy the night before and was probably just tired after the journey. Jada appeared to be quite comfortable with Aoibheann, and Wren had just turned up, so I left them to become acquainted.  After all, the children are technically Aoibheann’s responsibility.  That said; I have taken a liking to them, so I hope that I will have some part in their lives here.  I am not sure why.  Perhaps I am hoping to make up for the time I lost with Arthur.  That would make sense, I guess.  There’s no point in my getting broody.  I’m not even sure if a vampire can father a child, even if I had somebody who would want a child with me. Given the unpredictable nature of my life, I expect that it would be a good thing if I didn’t.  It’s probably better if I stick to enjoying the company of other’s offspring.


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