Companions Regained

Aoibheann, Jada and Kale are safe!  On behalf of Aoibheann’s view of things, I should perhaps qualify that statement.  They made it safely through the portal or bridge, or whatever it was that connected the Cove to this place, but it is not clear that here, being the castle I saw on the top of the hill, counts as safe.  Certainly Aoibheann does not believe it to be so, claiming that the place is cursed. Given that she was also complaining about there being vampires, sluagh and various other things, some threatening to eat the children, hereabouts, I did not quite know what to believe.  She looked exhausted and frightened.  She was desperate to leave the castle, but at the same time, claiming that she could not because Cristof had told her that, if she did, he would declare her an enemy.  Despite my repeated questions, she did not confirm that this was the same Cristof we both once knew in Jasper Cove.  If it is, then I find that statement unlikely.  I know they did not get along back then, but declaring her an enemy?  I must seek him out, and if it is the same person or, even if it is not; determine what he actually said.  She was so upset by the whole place that she actually fainted at one point, which, of course, frightened Kale. Eventually, she calmed down and I think I managed to convince her that shelter at the castle, which apparently has accommodation in a tavern, was a better bet than roaming out there in the forest.  She did not appear pleased with this concept, nor my persuasion, and I suspect she only agreed for the sake of the children. After a while, she agreed to take some rest, in order to be better placed to protect the kids, while I explored further.  At least Kale was pleased to see me.  Jada too, probably, though she was resting at the time. Aoibheann told me that they lost Jada’s crutches and Kale’s glasses on the way. Sadly, I can probably only do something about the former.

I explored some more, but was unable to learn much more about this place.  Whatever denizens this castle might have, they did not make themselves known to me. I located some pieces of timber from which I reckoned I could fashion some temporary crutches for Jada and placed them on a bit of sheltered stone wall to dry out. I do not have many tools with me, but I should be able to make something.  Eventually, I retired to a quiet corner to rest; somewhere I could keep an eye on the tavern, without impinging too much on Aoibheann’s notice.  While I can understand her reaction to the events of the past nights, I do not know what I have done to deserve her distrust, especially here in a strange place, where friends should stick together.  I even checked myself for bite marks, in case she had accidentally imbibed my vitae again, but I could not find any wounds, at least none that could not be explained by the excitement of the passage here.

 I have yet to find Sophia, for all that Greyson assured me she was safe.  She is sensible.  She will have found herself shelter and most likely will make her way to the castle, reasoning that I might well be here also. Neither have I seen any sign of the princesses or Isabella.  I do not relish that meeting. I do not even know how much she knows of Alec’s past incarnations, much less how to tell her that the person I saw, who is also the person she loved, might be dead.  As to explaining what passed between Greyson and I, back then, I have no clue how to begin.  “Oh, by the way, I once nearly had a relationship with a former shape of your husband’s…”  Perhaps I had better not lead with that.



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