Lightning Rod

I told  the tale of my embrace today.  Nadya came into the tavern while I was looking for the crutches.  I joked with her about appearing to have not been flayed, beheaded etc. She laughed and asked if I got maimed often.  When I replied, only the once, she asked me to explain, so I told her the tale of my becoming.  She was not overly impressed, and showed herself to be a bit of a snob, accusing me of being Caitiff and therefore beneath her. I had not thought to claim my clan heritage, but could not let her snobby attitude pass, so did so.  She wasn’t overly impressed with that either, being, it would appear, not a fan of the Camarilla.  When I told her I had very little to do with that either, she asked if I was an Anarch or an Autarkis.   I had to disclaim both those titles, especially as I did not know what one of them was, instead telling her I cared little for politics of any kind, and such loyalties as I hold are to friends, or those deserving of it, rather than any political grouping.

Gwyn came in, looking for a drink.  We spoke a while about Aoibheann.  Apparently, Nadya had been grilling her about Aoibheann earlier, though it was hard to tell if this was interest or some darker motive.  Mostly we spoke about Aoibheann’s unerring ability to find danger, wherever it might be, even in the most unlikely places.  I compared her to a lightning rod.  When Nadya left, I told Gwyn what she was and warned that she was most likely up to something.

Since we were alone, I took the chance to update Gwyn on what had happened with Aoibheann, and apologised for any awkward scenes that might occur.  She was in agreement with me, that Aoibheann was making too big a thing of it.  When she asked why I hadn’t said anything, I told her that I had been planning on doing so, especially after Mitternacht had given us a good telling off for fighting, but that the opportunity had never occurred.  I promised that I would try to sort it out, when I could.  I told her about the incident of Aoibheann biting me and accidentally swallowing some of my blood.  She was surprised that his hadn’t turned her into a vampire too, so I explained about the embrace, such little as I know of it, and about ghouls.  She was not much impressed with the latter idea, claiming she’d make a rotten servant. I disagreed, citing her abilities as a barmaid, but did assure her that she was safe from such a thing, at least from me.  I told her it was very unlikely that I would do such a thing, and if I did, it would be with a full disclosure of the consequences, and then, only with the agreement of the person concerned.

She left a little later, intending to take a nap.  I decided I was tired of the castle grounds and decided to take a walk down to the carved stone, to see if my arboreal friend might be around.  She was not, so I thought I would try a little meditation. There, I did not succeed, save in falling asleep for a while.  I did see one interesting thing though. As I was stretching the aches out of my limbs from sitting cross-legged for too long, I saw some figures below the ridge, near a pond. Two of them I recognised, as Padishar and Nadya.  The others I did not know, but from their bearing, I wondered if these were the Unseelie royals to whom Padishar was Raven.  They were too far away for me to hear what was going on, and anyway, it isn’t really any of my business.  That said, it might prove useful information at some point.  I retired to the castle to catch up on my journal and, despite my little nap, get some more sleep.  As I write this, it occurs to me that I can claim at least one other maiming; when my dearest Catt nearly cut my hand off, way back when I took my own Raven oath.  I wonder where she is now.


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