Over a Barrel

Another old face turned up yesterday.  Well, technically, a new face on an old acquaintance.  My memories of my last few months in London are somewhat hazy, ever since Brigitte disappeared again.  I have only fleeting memories of disagreement in the Camarilla, with the one called Meridiana, the one who later turned up in Jasper Cove, confusingly at a point earlier in her own timeline, becoming prince, and I now recall that Cristof was there too.  There was another; a young woman, a Caitiff, by the name of Rachel.  I remember her showing me around the new Elysium when we moved it from the art gallery.  Now, she is here, in the castle.  She remembered me, but I could not recall her.  I don’t think I can be blamed for this, as I remember a reasonably pretty young lady, not a horned and tailed demon.  She had to tell me who she was, and then said that the horns etc were some kind of glamour that she could not break herself. Her journey here was somewhat convoluted, as had been mine, except mine had not included being banished to Hell for two hundred years.  I am fairly sure I would have noticed that.

We did not get too much time to talk because Mitternacht was there, in a very grumpy mood, even for her.  Somebody had spilled the beer barrel and somebody had left some lumber behind the bar.  I had to own up to the lumber, as she was referring to Jada’s crutches.  I guess the message didn’t get through.  Rachel, meanwhile, confessed to the beer, trying to persuade Mitter to bill Padishar. Mitter was having none of this.  I don’t think I have seen her in such a foul mood before, even when she was having one of her fits.  She would not bill Padishar, and insisted that Rachel pay, in coin or work, or a pound of flesh, threatening beheading and all sorts if she was not paid.  I tried to pay the bill myself, for the sake of a little peace, but she was not impressed.  I tried explaining that Rachel once belonged to Cristof, but I am not sure even that helped.  Eventually, while she didn’t exactly agree, she didn’t disagree either with my proposed compromise and left the tavern without beheading anyone.

Rachel seemed unimpressed by the death threats.  I guess it’s a case of been there, done that, for her.  After two centuries in hell, I can’t imagine much in the way of threats would impress her.  She told me a little of how that came to be, and how she was brought her back.  Her motivation now would appear to be vengeance, which I can understand, but being bound to Padishar, it is difficult for her to raise a hand to him, hence more petty revenge, such as sticking him with the bill for a barrel of beer.  She even asked if I would inflate the bill when I claimed it off of Padishar. I have no problem with that.  He owes me anyway for rescuing Nadya.  I left her to her ruminations and headed back to the hut to take a nap.


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