These Boots*

Gwyn and Aoibheann seem to have made up.  At least, they seemed cordial with each other when I came across them outside the tavern.  I’m guessing Aoibheann has gotten over her objection to Gwyn’s clothing choices, since that latter was wearing jeans and some very fetching long, lace-up boots.  The effect was somewhat spoiled by a sweater that looked like something Father would wear.  I greeted them cordially and enquired about their walk.  This would appear to have passed off without incident, which, in Aoibheann’s case is almost worth a diary entry in its own right. She was friendly enough with me but, as seems to be so often the case of late, she made excuses about cleaning and left us.  I don’t know if she is still nervous of me, or she just wanted to let Gwyn and I talk, but off she went.

I joked with Gwyn about Aoibheann being born with a broom in her hand and then asked how my favourite changeling with splendid boots was. Another first, dear diary, I actually managed to make her blush. She told me that she was well, that Padishar had told her she should go into the woods to meet other fae and then asked how her favourite… whatever, was. Given the things that had been on my mind lately, I am afraid I somewhat dumped on her, albeit the potted version.  I can’t remember exactly what I said, but it was along the lines of:

“My usual mildly bewildered self, trying to work out how best to help my friends. One got taken away by spiders, one is being possessed by the ghost of her dead undead step-mother, one is beset by the weight of her crown, another by the loss of her husband. And that’s not counting one who seems to be beset by everything, and another who hides half the time,” adding “And that’s still not counting a mild-mannered accountant who is barely learning his vampiric skills and yet seems equally drawn to all that fae stuff out there.  So, just a normal day, really.”  I also told her that I did not entirely trust Padishar, suggesting that she should start with the fae she knows, such as Isabella and Valene.

She complained that Isabella was never around and that Valene freaked her out a bit. However, Padishar had given some good advice, including the name of her Unseelie assailant, who was called Guen-something.  I tried to reassure her about Valene, explaining that she was Cait Sidhe, so she should treat her like you would a cat. I acknowledged that she could seem a bit freaky, but that I trusted her, saying that I don’t give my trust easily. As to Padishar, I just said that I had my doubts because of previous dealings, so to temper his advice with her own judgement.  Another thought occurred to me; how Gwyn’s current ‘quest’ had some parallels with my own, given the suspicions that have been arising about my own heritage, or, at least, that of my mother.

“You and I might be more alike than we know,” I told her. “We might even be on the same quest.  After your joke the other day about being my sister, I’ve been thinking.  So much of what I remember of my mother would make much more sense if she was fae, or at least, part fae.  So maybe I am too.  But, to borrow your idiom, I’m fucked if I know how to find that out.”  She was happy to help, she told me, saying that Aoibheann and I are the only people she really trusts. She told me that they had made up, which I had already assumed, and then mentioned that Aoibheann had a tree called Ardan.  That was a surprise, as I had thought that Aoibheann had not managed to bring much out of Jasper Cove; but maybe it shouldn’t have been, given her attachment to the tree.  I said I would tell Gwyn more about the tree at some time.  Then I told her that I could not think of a better person to share that quest with, reminding her that there was a reason I had revealed my nature to her in Jasper Cove. After all, there was a smart person under that banter, and I might need those smarts some day.

I would have said more, but we were interrupted by some floating blossoms. Not much of an interruption, I’ll admit, but I recognised the scent, and somewhere in there, was a message, I think, from Aerodine.  I excused myself, giving Gwyn a quick kiss on the forehead, and started to follow the trail.  But, I tire, so where that led will have to wait until I have had some sleep.


* what else but…?


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