[OOC] Ashmourne Gavotte*

I am aware I am several RP sessions behind on blogging – blame sleep, or lack thereof.  There will be catching up…

In the meanwhile, something out of time sequence, but it doesn’t matter as it is OOC anyway, a little song adaptation.  Inspired by a remark about everybody who should be here being here, as various of us gathered outside the Seelie sithen before going into court…. I present – the Ashmourne Gavotte:

Every prince and lord and knight is here
All who would be friends with fae are here
What a regal, possibly legal start to
The Ashmourne Seelie Court
At the entrance wait some new guests
Waiting for the cue to enter in
What a very faerie, absolutely scary
Way to start the Ashmourne Seelie Court
Introductions, might cause ructions

Guards on standby,
Archer’s arrows ready to fly
Any moment now the demon’ll die,
Hark the queen is speaking,

Everyone is listening; now court has begun
Now she speaks of threats and dangers
Asking oaths of loyalty from strangers
What a thrilling, absolutely chilling
Way to start the Ashmourne Seelie Court

(to the tune of the Ascot Gavotte from My Fair Lady)


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