Requiescat in Pace*

Life, they say, is all about balance. So I suppose it is only natural that the delights and joys of my previous entry should be tempered by the sadness and fear of this one. I only know what Gwyn told me about what occurred earlier in the day and what occurred after.

In no particular order:

Gwyn has somehow accidentally summoned Rachel back from whichever hell she was in. This is the result of knowing her true name.  Rachel is now bound to Gwyn and is under a compulsion not to harm any of us – Gwyn, Aoibheann, myself – including not using her vengeance seeking powers.  Gwyn has asked us to be nice to her. So much for avoiding the annoying demon.  But, for Gwyn’s sake, I will try my best to be nice.

Gwyn’s deal with Braeden means that she has to go with him to meet the Huntsman. This pleases me not at all, since I don’t know the terms of the agreement.  Part of that deal includes Braeden being sworn to not allow harm to come to Aoibheann. I wish I knew the exact words used, because the fae are worse than contract lawyers about these sorts of things.  So far as I know, the agreement did not say she had to go alone, and she won’t, not while I have a say in anything.

Paasheeluu is dead. Finally dead. Not undead, not a lich, not a reanimated skeletal unicorn, but dead. We don’t know the full story of how or why. All we know is that the Kzzz collective brought the remains to the cavern. I guess my thought transference to the Kzzz about Nadya must have gotten through more than I thought, since they brought the body here instead of eating it or recycling it.  Unless…  My thought transfer about Nadya was that they could not take the body because she would come back to life. Do they think the same might happen to Paash?  I don’t know what happened to the hat.  I know the hat is the key, but… Should we let her finally rest in peace, or are we expected to bring her back yet again?  That is a question I cannot answer, and even if I chose the latter, that’s one hell of a step from making a crystal grow to resurrecting her.  Perhaps it is best left alone. Maybe she and Star Chaser can be together again at last.

We spoke a while, the three of us, plus Rachel, on what we should do. I cannot even begin to imagine how Aoibheann feels about losing her adoptive mother, or how Gwyn feels about facing the Huntsman again. The thought distresses us all. I referred again to the Tenacious Trinity, adding, for Gwyn’s sake, a plus one to include Rachel.  I had to explain that to Aoibheann – both words.  We are one, and nothing will tear us apart.   I can only hope I am correct.

There was more talk, but I do not feel overly inclined to the written word tonight.  Rachel confessed that she was a Toreador, not Caitiff, after I caught her quoting Keats. Gwyn cried a lot and I comforted her as best I could. We tried to thing of ways we could deal with the Huntsman. Aoibheann told me I was a fool to not be afraid of the Huntsman. Perhaps she is right, but I can not, will not stand by and see anybody I love be taken. That, I suspect is something that is at the very core of my being, whatever else I might be. I would do that for any of my friends, but for Gwyn, nothing will stand in my way.

Annwyn – Requiescat in Pace



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