Break the Rules

It seems the Seelie Court is a lot more formal than the Unseelie. At least, so it seems so far, but then I have not had much experience of the Unseelie in formal mode, save for our separate meetings with their Majesties. From what Gwyn tells me, the Seelie are less tolerant of strangers and visitors, which seems odd to me, given that they are supposed to be the nice ones.  Maybe they are nice, but only to their own. Except Gwyn, who looks as though she is becoming one of them. But then, maybe she hasn’t had time to acquire their attitudes. I hope that doesn’t change.

I got lost.  I don’t know how, quite, but somehow, between the Unseelie Sithen and the bridge, I managed to lose myself.  I heard voices and ran into Rachel, who was talking with Galyanna and her pet… well; I’m not quite sure what it is – sabre-toothed lion maybe?  It looked large and powerful and dangerous, but didn’t appear to be overly aggressive. Rachel was telling Galyanna how somebody had raped her while she was dying, somebody who had killed her while claiming he didn’t want to, but the voices were telling him he must. I felt my anger rising, but quelled it, thinking Rachel did not have full control of her demonic powers. Much as I did not really like the girl, nobody, but nobody deserved what she had described. I flat out told her that this sounded like somebody who needed to die and asked if it was anybody I knew.

It was Padishar, she told me, and went on to describe further what had been done to her, which I think was before Gwyn had summoned her back from hell.  Galyanna said that this was possibly not the place to discuss things, in front of a guest. Rachel agreed it wasn’t the place, but said that she had no reason to conceal it from me. She had to tell somebody that Padishar had gone insane. Galyanna nodded and then faded into the shadows, as did the cat-like creature, as Rachel promised to visit her at the cave soon. I thanked Rachel for including me and promised I would remember what he had done next time I met him. She seemed surprised, so I repeated that I wanted to forget the past, and again that nobody deserved what had happened to her. I asked what Padishar was, having never been entirely sure of his nature. He was a void demon, whatever that meant, and could do tricks with shadows.  I had seen him disappear into them, so I could appreciate that bit.  She had not known who to tell or what to do, so Galyanna was the first person she had told.

I assured her this was the correct thing to do, telling her that Vedis was likely the most powerful demon around, and could perhaps do something. Telling Galyanna would be the best way of getting the message across. I thought also of Padishar’s other role, as Raven to her Unseelie Majesty, and also his relationship to Valene and her mother. Perhaps what Nemaine did to Padishar drove him insane, or was he insane to start with? I told her I would look into it and find out from Valene what could or should be done.

Gwyn arrived, all skippy and happy, greeting me with a kiss.  She told us that she had received a note from Valene, who would investigate and get back to us. She said there was other stuff to talk about too. She told us she had been asked to present herself to the Seelie Queen, but that there were rules.  The Seelie apparently have lots of rules. Some were very patronising.  She told us the Seelie sithen was the most amazing place, but sadly, she wasn’t allowed to take us there, and she could also, no longer visit the Unseelie sithen if she was to become part of the Seelie.  This was something I had feared, though I trusted that she would not allow it to become a problem between us. Rachel asked permission to depart, saying she would go to the demon’s cave, or possibly to the village, but would make sure she was easy to find.  Gwyn granted that permission and she left us.

With no other to detain us or get in our way, we decided to head for the relative comfort and privacy of Valene’s den. There were things we needed to discuss, but we had other things on our minds. In the privacy of the den, it was abundantly clear that her experiences with the Seelie had not dimmed the hunger we had for each other. We tempered our desires for a while, as we made ourselves comfortable on the pallets. She had met a Prince Blaise, she told me, who was initially not best pleased with her for her associations with the Unseelie, claiming that being under her protection meant we were her subjects, and that is why she felt she could not go back to the Unseelie cave. I disagreed; Faermorn had offered us shelter and protection, but we were not sworn subjects, any more than we were of Valene, who also gave us protection. I spoke once again of friendship being paramount and my dislike of taking sides or having those sides tell me who my friends could be. I told her that rather than taking sides, or taking oath, I would offer friendship, maybe to both sides, something that I suspected Queens and Kings find very rarely.

She assured me that Blaise had told her she could keep her friends, because they were important, but that she could not choose both sides.  She told me that this was something she wanted, because they had offered to teach her, to take her in.  She was not as strong as me, she said, and had not the guile to be a spy. I reassured her that I found her very strong. I warned her to be wary of their motives, just as I would have warned her about the Unseelie, and to be very careful, because I did not want to lose her. She promised she would be careful, but was wary of giving any sign of divided loyalties. We spoke a little more of loyalties and friendship, but in truth, our minds were elsewhere, concentrating on each other and the growing, mutual hunger. Before long, there was nothing but each other and the warmth we shared.

I care little for rules, especially ones that would keep me from my friends. Those rules, I have no compunction about breaking. I hope it does not come to that.


Gotta get a little Quo now and again




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