Lessons in Love

The sidhe take their education seriously. I sometimes wonder that I get any time at all with Gwyn.  Apparently she had a bit of a row with her tutor, Blaise the other night, which included some discussion of her relationship with me. Things are done differently among the Sidhe, it seems. For a start, she is still considered a child.  Had she stayed with her parents, she would have lived with them until she was 100 years old and then had a massive coming out party. It would also appear that it is the practice for an older, more experienced sidhe to teach the younger sidhe in the matters of love-making. Well, I seem to be taking that role to some extent.

All this came out while chatting with Aoibheann in the tavern, though Aoibheann did look a little disconcerted by some of the discussion.  Part of this training is to ensure that the magical energies that can be released during love-making are safely controlled, otherwise she could accidentally slaughter wildlife or set the forest alight.  I told her that she had already lit a fire in my heart.  That got me a kick on the shins, which I most definitely deserved.  So far, the effects of our love-making have been limited to her glowing and my heart starting to beat.  The former seems harmless and I have yet to work out what the meaning of the latter might be. Perhaps it just improved my abilities to mimic a mortal, or perhaps there is something else going on, but I have no idea who I might ask. It might be that I would need somebody more experienced to be there when it happens again, but… well, that might seem a little creepy, even if they stayed outside the room and only came in when we called.  I am not sure how I feel about that part of her education. So far as lovemaking is concerned, I think I count as older and more experienced, but I am not sidhe, so it doesn’t count.  At least Blaise would not be the one to teach her. On the other hand, at least I know him. I am not sure I would like the idea of her being with a stranger. We may have extended our intimacy to include Valene, but I don’t know how far I am comfortable with extending that further.

Still, that is a question for the future.  There are 78 years to go before she gets to be 100. On the good side of things, at least the sidhe don’t seem to have any major objections to our relationship, or any plans to curtail it. I was also relieved to hear that, although Gwyn is only 22, they do not consider me some kind of child molester.

In other news, Blaise thinks that there is something special about Aoibheann, and she is now allowed free access to the Sithen.  Sadly, thus far, that access does not extend to me.  I can but hope that perhaps my meeting with Saone, if it ever happens, may change that. I could also possibly set Valene on Blaise, since he owes her a favour for saving his life.

Gwyn could not stay long, as she had to go back to the sithen for her plant-growing lessons, tending the rose garden. I would have liked to be able to help with that, having done much gardening with both my parents – one of the few activities we all shared, but until I was welcome in the sithen, that was not to be.  Gwyn said she would move mountains to see that come about. I could not resist commenting that she already made the earth move for me, so a mountain should be child’s play.  Instead of a kick, that earned me a blush and a kiss. I walked her to the edge of the village and then let her continue to the sithen.  She promised to come back as soon as she was able. I noticed, while I was kissing her, that her ears had started to develop those points, so characteristic of the fae. I was fairly sure they had not been there the night before. When I commented on them, she said something about the magical energies associated with her growing up – maybe it was sidhe puberty or something. I wasn’t so sure about that, but told her I loved them anyway.

Lessons in love?  While I might not relish the idea of some stranger doing that with Gwyn, I can see that it might not be a bad idea in general terms. I was fortunate when I married Alexandra to have been experienced, with girlfriends while at university and, of course, my experience around the dockside taverns of Europe. However, I had known of other friends whose wedding nights were less than successful in that respect  Somehow, I can’t see it being something that society, at least in my time, would approve of.  I can always try suggesting it, should I ever get back to that time.

How about a bit of Level 42?


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