A short entry tonight as I left my ink bottle in the tavern and can’t be bothered to get dressed and go fetch it.

I received a revised draft letter from Ose; the only significant change being that I am trading on behalf of the village, not Maric himself, which is fair enough.  I pencilled my agreement and dropped it off at the castle.

The trading is going to be interesting. I don’t have the full paperwork yet, but it is going to be fun trading the few resources that the village has, especially with the fae.  Ose mentioned the blacksmith as a saleable skill, for example.  That’s going to be useful, because the fae so love their iron objects. I will reserve judgement until I see the full audits; there may be something we can do.

Gwyn and Aoibheann came in while I was looking through what paperwork I did have. I got the impression that the Seelie Queen had been being a bit grumpy about things.  When I asked about the “ownership” dispute, Gwyn told me that Blaise had convinced the Queen that it was a good idea for Gwyn to have a family, but that she was still sworn to the Queen.  So, it was an argument about nothing really.

Gwythyr has been in Aoibheann’s dreams, much to her annoyance. She did, at one point seem eager to go see him and get it over with, but we dissuaded her. I took the view that I had told him that I would give him an answer after consulting with Isabella, and since I hadn’t had to the chance to do so, I could not yet give him an answer.

Gwyn had been let off lessons because Blaise was busy.  The poison ivy problem had mostly been cleared up, aside from a few lingering rashes. I did offer to start the trading lessons, but neither of us was really in the mood for that.

Blaise’s interest in Aoibheann continues, mostly of a protective nature, but I am still suspicious.  We talked about the various powerful “friends” that Aoibheann seems to attract.  Well, Llwyd and Blaise are friends, but that word doesn’t really apply to the Huntsman and Braeden.  They all seem to be intent in solving the mystery that is Aoibheann.

That’s when I had the idea for a decent nickname for Aoibheann, as part of the Tenacious Trinity. She can be called Enigma.  Gwyn thought that was a good idea, but Aoibheann, as is often the case, didn’t know the word. However, she decided to go off and have a nap in her favourite tree before she got round to asking. In the preceding conversation, she had said that she was probably a little mad. We had said that there was nothing wrong with being a little mad and told her we loved her anyway.  On the way out of the tavern, after bidding us goodnight, she actually mumbled something about “Iloveyoutoo”, which was very nice to hear, given how awkward she usually is about our affections for her.

With that, there was little in the tavern to occupy us and since Gwyn had no pressing need to be back in the sithen, we retired to my hut to work on our proposed art installation.

As I am writing, it occurs to me that Enigma is a good name for Aoibheann, and somewhat puts Gravity and Reckless to shame as names.  We shall have to think of better ones. Thinking of the poison ivy, next time I see Gwyn, I am going to suggest Rash instead of Reckless. I am sure that will earn me a kick, but it will be worth it. I will probably have to thi…


And why not have a little Enigma to go with…



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