Little Lost Rabbit

I fear that the energy boost I got from Isabella may be waning. There seem to have been too many days of late when I have slept overly long, sometimes for more than 48 hours. I fear for my other life too, as I have not consumed vitae since that ‘accident’. I have not felt the urge to do so, and I wonder if I will be able to sustain myself on blood if this heart stops beating again. Or worse still, will I need to be embraced a second time? My choices in this are few – Giada and Maric. Would I want either of them as a sire? Would I want to go back to that? But then, the only alternative might be oblivion, unless Isabella can continue to sustain me. I would not even know who to ask, and, I am afraid to ask. Can I survive such a transition again? The thought scares me, and I don’t know where to turn for answers. I probably should tell Gwyn, but I don’t want her to worry, or worse, do something foolish to try to save me. On the other hand, should I let her be prepared? I really don’t know, I really don’t know.

Gwyn and I managed some time together the other evening. What with her training in the sithen and me being asleep or trying to fathom out how a tiny village can sustain itself, we haven’t had much time of late.  I mentioned the sleep thing, and how I thought my Isabella charge was running down, but I didn’t mention my other fears. I am afraid I will have to build up to it slowly. I did tell her about the strange dreams, which were, at least, free from interference from His Unseelie Majesty.

I enquired after her health and asked if their highnesses were still bickering.Things are not good in sithen-land. Their highnesses have broken off their relationship. Aislyn has done a vanishing act and Blaise is in a foul mood. Meanwhile, Siansa has turned into the teacher from hell and Gwyn has to apologise to Galaddan for telling him off for teasing Aoibheann.  Oh yes, dear Aoibheann has news too. Somebody wants to make her immortal. I have to admit, that I, for one, do not relish the idea of her getting old and frail while Gwyn and I carry on as we are now, but, making her immortal? I don’t know that I like that idea. I knew that she would never forgive me if I put the bite on her, and asked if somebody else had threatened to do so.  All Gwyn could tell me was that somebody wanted Aoibheann to be immortal, but she didn’t have any more details.

We were just starting to get into cuddly mode when Aoibheann turned up. In fact, I had just asked after our ‘little lost rabbit’ when she walked in. She must have heard me, because she wanted to know why I had put ‘lost’ in there, although she did admit to being lost sometimes. For a moment, I could not remember why I had said that, and then remembered it was what Alec, or at least, the Boatman, had said to me.  That we would not learn of his purpose that night, but should look to the little lost rabbit. I looked at Aoibheann as I said this, but she would only say that she was not allowed to tell us his purpose. I must admit, I was a little irked by this – the Boatman telling us we should ask the rabbit and the rabbit telling us she wasn’t allowed to tell us.  I think I may have also said something about shoving an oar up his arse next time I saw him.

Gwyn and I debated tickling her until she confessed.  Aoibheann did not know what tickling was, so I demonstrated on Gwyn.  When she had stopped laughing Gwyn said we should get her drunk instead.  Aoibheann wasn’t impressed by either idea. She did say that he had said we should look towards her, rather than ask her questions.  I’m not sure that made anything any clearer.

Giada turned up, looking as lovely as ever.  She had apparently been helping to treat Aoibheann’s hands, though I had no idea what injury she had suffered. This treatment apparently included an ointment made by Lord Maric. There are hidden depths to the man. Maybe I shall find out if I ever get time to attend lessons with him. It also seems that Aoibheann has decided to take up spinning, in an attempt to try to be more normal.  I have no idea what that means, but then, I haven’t seen her lately, so don’t really know what strange things she has been up to that aren’t normal.

Much as I was enjoying the company of three of my favourite ladies, Gwyn was dropping subtle hints about pursuing our ‘art’ project.  Giada enquired about it, saying she would love to see it some time.  I managed not to choke on my drink, as visions of the three of us came to mind. I told her that it was a very interactive art project, which encouraged the participation of the viewer, but such things could only take place with the consent of my fellow artist. I was certain that Gwyn giggled at that point. She did say that, for the moment, we had to concentrate on the current phase of the project, but didn’t actually dismiss the idea. Either way, we didn’t discuss it further, as she dragged me off to my cottage, there to work on the art project.  And work we did, making up for lost time.


Run, Rabbit, Run…


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