Only Yesterday

Nathaniel wandered back across the centre of the village, enjoying the winter scent of the trees as it mingled with the scents of rum and wood smoke from the tavern. He shivered slightly in the cool air and hurried his pace back to the cottage, letting himself in and closing the door quickly behind him. He looked over at the barely glowing embers in the fire-place and sighed. “Having a pulse is all very well,” he said to himself as he poked at the embers, blowing on them and feeding in small pieces of kindling to build the fire up again, “but I’m not so sure I like feeling the cold again.”  After a few minutes work, the fire was blazing nicely and starting to chase away the chill of the night. Soon the lantern was lit, filling the gloomier corners of the cottage with a friendly light. He started to tidy things up a little, picking things up and making the bed. He sighed for a moment as he brushed some blonde hairs from the pillow, glancing for a moment at the door, as if contemplating heading down to the sithen. He shook his head as he decided against it. “She’s either asleep, or busy with sithen business,” he muttered, “and besides, I don’t feel up to debating with Prince Daddy tonight.” As he busied himself with more tidying, he picked up his diary and looked at it guiltily. He picked it up and leafed through it.  “November 18th?”  He looks up at the makeshift calendar he has on the wall. “Sheesh! How have I let it go this long?  Seems like I was doing that only yesterday.”  He grabs a spare notebook and starts scribbling. “Let’s see, what have I been doing?   Discussing foraging with Maric, meeting that satyr, the attempt on Aislyn’s life, researching necromancy, being appointed steward…”  He leans back, looking at the diary and the notebook. “Ah well, guess I wasn’t going to sleep yet anyway.”  He goes to the mantel and refills his pen before sitting down by the fireside with the diary and beginning to write. “I had intended to go for a quiet drink in the tavern, but I saw lights on in the mansion and thought I would pay Maric a visit to discuss the meeting with Her Majesty. As it turned out, Aoibheann was there as well, so I took the opportunity…”

 Only Yesterday…

((OOC: A new work schedule and disturbed (more than usual) sleep pattern has eaten away at my keyboard time, so please bear with me while I try to catch up on Nate’s diary…))



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