Bird in the Window

I had intended to go for a quiet drink in the tavern, but I saw lights on in the mansion and thought I would pay Maric a visit to discuss the meeting with Her Majesty. As it turned out, Aoibheann was there as well, so I took the opportunity to discuss my meeting with Her Majesty and the plans for the meeting.  As it turned out, Aoibheann was already talking about it with him, as I walked in on her telling him about the bridge and trying to warn him about the dangers of Faerie. Maric seemed happy to see me and invited us both up for a drink while we continued the discussion.  I picked up on what Aoibheann had been saying and explained a little more about the bridge being on the border of the two territories and also that Her Majesty had stated she would be bringing her guards, so it would be perfectly in order for Maric to bring his.

We made ourselves comfortable around the table while Maric selected a bottle of wine and opened it. I told him about the conditions on the foraging parties and that seemed to relieve him somewhat as he said supplies were getting short. He asked if I would organise the foraging parties in Ose’s absence, while Aoibheann was trying to explain about glamour and sidhe magic. We were interrupted by a bird tapping at the window, a cardinal of all things, which made me wonder what became of Sophia, as I have not seen her in a long while. I do hope she is safe somewhere. The bird was apparently a messenger as it delivered a small scroll, which Maric read while we were talking. Whatever it was, he didn’t comment, but whatever it was, it was something he had to deal with elsewhere as he started getting ready to leave.

We spoke briefly about the changes outside the mists. I did not know if Aoibheann was aware of his nature, so I could only comment tangentially that my particular abilities were not as strong outside the village, in the hope he would understand and that Aoibheann wouldn’t. I told him I would convey his agreement to the meeting venue to Her Majesty and asked if there was any particular subject he wanted to discuss, in case she asked about the topic of the meeting. He wasn’t entirely sure, since Aoibheann was the main instigator of the meeting. He did ask whether or not he and his villagers would be considered allies of the court, and what the protocols were should one of his people be attacked. He would prefer to avoid aggression, but would not let an attack on his people go unanswered.

I told him that was possibly a complex matter, since some of the fae resented the presence of the village and had certainly resented the presence of the earlier castle. I suggested that we might try negotiating a non-aggression treaty. He also wanted to know if there was a defence against glamour, some way he could be able to see past that. Aoibheann wasn’t sure, but I had a pretty good idea that such things were possible, but I would have to investigate it. On that matter, I figured Gwyn would be the best person to ask, and as if on cue, she turned up looking for me. Maric greeted her pleasantly, but he seemed impatient to go, so he bade us make ourselves comfortable and departed into the village, rather alarmingly telling us to alert the captain of his guard if he hadn’t returned by dawn, and he would know what to do.

After that, conversation petered out somewhat. Aoibheann was doing something with the piles of books and Gwyn was quite keen on dragging me away to tuck me into bed, and so we left.

Well, it looks like I have work to do. I have to organise the foraging parties, arrange the meeting with Her Majesty and find out about any means of seeing through glamour. It’s going to be a busy time.

Window Bird?



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