300 Posts! [OOC]

That’s almost one post per day, which isn’t bad given how many times I get behind on blogging Nathaniel’s adventures. 300 posts is a lot of words, and none of them would be possible without all the people who inhabit those parts of Second Life where Nathaniel’s adventures take place. You’ve seen their names herein, and perhaps come to learn something of them in Nathaniel’s writings. Those characters, of course belong to their respective players and I am very grateful for them allowing me to portray them in these diary entries.

In accumulating 300 posts, I seem to have acquired a number of followers, most of whom I do not recognise by their handles here. Do please say hello in the comments to this post and maybe give me a clue as to how you came to be reading these adventures. It would be nice to meet you.

We now return to our regular programming. At least as soon as events in Ashmourne settle down long enough for Nate to catch up on his diary….


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