Friends Will be Friends

I always consider myself lucky in the friends that I have. I love them dearly, and as often been said, I would die for them. I know they are always there for me, and I am there for them. Sometimes, though, they can be wearing, especially when they get to fighting.

I don’t even know where it all came from. I had received a note from Aoibheann that the islanders were in need of additional blankets and some washing requisites, so I was organising that when I decided that I would go and see for myself. I passed Galyanna on her way into the castle to resume her vigil at the mirror, expressing her usual exasperation about dealing with humans. I think somebody had been asking her about Orie. I sent word to the encampment to see if there was anything else they needed, just in case.

Gwyn was in the middle of the green, bending over a heap of random vegetation that turned out to be Renata, who had apparently been living wild in the woods for some time, and had now apparently fallen asleep after being escorted to the village by Galyanna. We debated whether or not we should move her to the castle and get her cleaned up, but Gwyn seemed to think that this might cause more problems, so I had some blankets and a pillow brought for her and posted one of the guards to keep an eye on her. Gwyn was concerned for her, but also hopeful that the young fae might have news of Siansa. That, of course, we could not know until Renata was more awake, and preferably cleaned up somewhat. I’m all in favour of being close to nature, but, she was perhaps a little too close.

Aoibheann turned up and asked about the islanders, so I told her that they had been provided for. Aoibheann asked if maybe Helene could go see them, to see if there was anything she could do for the ones that were unwell. I told her that I had already left a message for Helene to go see what she could do. Gwyn asked what Helene knew of magical potions, in the hope that she could come up with something to counteract the effect of her glamour on Aoibheann and the others.

That’s when it got contentious. Aoibheann seemed to think that Gwyn wasn’t dimming herself because she didn’t want to. That upset Gwyn, who was disappointed that Aoibheann would think such a thing. Aoibheann said she was trying to help and started worrying that people might get hurt because of the fae effect on mortals. Gwyn said that because she was Queen, she could not change her appearance here, and it would be disrespectful to do so. Aoibheann accused her of forgetting everything she had learned from the previous rulers. Gwyn got offended, saying that she had learned very little, having had very little contact with the kings and queens, who had passed on very little to her about being Queen, and then demanded that if Aoibheann had this knowledge, could she please pass it on, and made some comment about swapping places to see if Aoibheann could do any better…

I tried to keep the peace, but I couldn’t see that this was going to be resolved easily. I suggested that maybe this was a conversation for another time, preferably somewhere else, such as when Gwyn had taken Aoibheann to Cranberry Cove to talk about this subject before. I was grateful for an interruption from Galyanna. She had received word from Vedis and was now making ready to go to rescue her. That, at least gave us pause from the argument to wish her well. In my confusion, I forgot to ask if she wished to take any of our warriors with her, so I must try to get a message to her before she leaves, and speak with the guard as to their wishes.

We parted company then, Aoibheann to Maric’s chambers, me and Gwyn to mine, in search of a drink and some rest. At least we managed to part agreeing that we still all loved each other. I take some comfort in that.

Sleep was elusive after that. I do not like to see my two dearest friends fighting, and, as ever, I find myself stuck in the middle. Aoibheann does have a point – it is going to be difficult if Gwyn dazzles everybody when she comes. Perhaps some potion to dampen the effect might work, but that is going to be a logistical nightmare getting everybody to take it all of the time. I understand Gwyn’s point of view too, but, she is new to her position. Perhaps there is something that can be done to turn down the dazzle, at least, while she is visiting the village, save, maybe, for state occasions. I really do not know, and with the village in my care, it is going to fall to me, and I really don’t know what to do.

Friends will be Friends


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