Not in My house

It should come as no surprise to any who read these pages, that I will not tolerate threats to those I consider mine. Not from friends, not from enemies, not from supposed allies, and definitely not in my house. We had two visitors a few evenings back, one a supposed ally, at least by affiliation, the other, I do yet know her affiliation if any, but I had to warn both against bringing any danger here.

I was just sitting down to dine with Aoibheann, even if I was only having a simple snack of bread and cheese while she had a proper dinner. She told me that a woman had turned up wounded the previous evening and that Ket’Lyn and Galyanna had taken her somewhere. She seemed quite distressed by this and the fact that I did not know about it. Even more so that I did not know, even though I had this intimate mental connection with the castle. I declined to explain that the link to the castle was somewhat dependent on Maric, as I did not want to distress her further with reminders of his state. Before I could explain any further, there was some noise from the door. What little sense I could pick up from the building, and from the guards made me suspicious, so I told Aoibheann to stand back, in case our visitor was dangerous.

Our visitor was of the demonic persuasion, and seemed to be largely concerned with discovering where he was. I introduced myself and told him that he was in Mysthaven and asked who he was and what his business was here. He seemed to find my name familiar, and he introduced himself as Kael Seid, a prince of hell and the son of the queen of hell, Vedis. After the introduction, I realised that I had almost certainly seen him before around Fiendish Pleasures. I explained the possible connection and that there was an alliance between Mysthaven and Clan Seid, provided they abided by the terms of the agreement.

Aoibheann overheard this and interjected, saying that I should tell him the news of Vedis. When I suggested she did so, she got exasperated and told him that Vedis was dead, that Galyanna was trying to resurrect her, and that she may well be sacrificing a poor woman that nobody seemed to care about or would notice was going missing.

Kael seemed to be unperturbed by this, saying that Vedis had been dead before, and wondered why Galyanna was having difficulty this time. He also made some comment to Aoibheann about what made her so sure she was suitable for sacrifice, adding that if I had not told him that he should honour the terms of his mother’s alliance, he would have eaten her.

I stepped between them, hand on my sword, reminding him in no uncertain terms that I would tolerate any threat, implied or actual, and would he please refrain from doing so. Having made my warning, I explained how Vedis had gone up against the Morning Star, so this demise was perhaps a little more, final that previous ones. I also tried to reassure Aoibheann that I found it highly unlikely that Galyanna would attempt a human sacrifice, and certainly not on any resident of visitor to the village.

One of the guards, Casimir came up and explained how there was a young lady who was somehow trapped in the laboratory and was desperate to get out. Galyanna and Ket’Lyn had apparently taken her there fore safety. I did not want to leave Aoibheann there with Kael, even though he had promised to behave, especially as he had qualified it with ‘for now’. I was going to leave Casimir there to protect Aoibheann, but when I reminded Kael that there was no ‘for now’, he decided to leave, claiming that Aoibheann had irritated him. Having made sure that he had left, I left Casimir there, just in case, and descended to the vaults.

There, I found a young woman, apparently from the modern era, well, Gwyn’s modern era, anyway, judging by the shiny gadget she was trying to get to work, by the name of Tammi Wilson. I disabled the wards and let her out of the laboratory. Her first concern was the use of the lavatory. I directed her to the latrines that were still down there from when we had been protecting the village here, not thinking that she might find them somewhat primitive. On the other hand, she was hopping from foot to foot in desperation, so maybe she wouldn’t mind that much. I also found a Ket’Lyn, who had arrived by her own means. While Tammi was using the latrines, I asked Ket’Lyn if she would do me a favour and try to explain to Aoibheann what she was doing before making off with visitors, so that Aoibheann would not worry so much.

Upstairs, I offered Tammi some food and whatever she needed in the matter of protection. She was apparently starving from the way she snatched at the food, but also clearly in a hurry. She did react rather strangely when I told Ket’Lyn about Kael Seid, making some comment about him only being a baby. Ket’Lyn was less surprised. She had not seen Kael for some time, but thought he might be of use in helping to bring Vedis back. Tammi, meanwhile, was desperate to get back to somebody called Katy, before somebody called Mac found her.

I offered sanctuary again, and asked what manner of threat this Mac might present. She and Ket’Lyn spoke of portals and magic, and Ket’Lyn offered to help this Tammi get back to where she was going, using a portal. I did not get any answer as to the nature of this Mac, and before I could ask any further questions, she gathered up some food and left, Ket’Lyn close behind.

I really do need to sit and talk with Ket’Lyn and Galyanna about using the laboratory and the access thereto. There seems to be altogether too much to and fro going through there without my knowledge, and that, I cannot help but feel, is a threat to the safety of the castle and the village. Next time I see Galyanna, I must discuss it with her and establish some ground rules. As to this new person, and this persons he called Mac, I have to wait and see what, if any, threat this poses.

 Not in My house



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