Bits and Pieces

Gwyn’s majordomo, Bran, makes a good cup of coffee. I woke up in the residence the night after Gwyn told us about the baby, on my own. Bran made me coffee, and when I asked where Gwyn was, told me she was off with that strange woman who is always hanging around. I think he meant Aoibheann, but he got it wrong and called her Airedale. For some reason, that amused me, but I doubt it will become a regular nickname. Aoibheann does not seem to understand teasing.

I found Gwyn with Aoibheann by the throne, explaining about Siansa being her mother and about the pregnancy. Aoibheann seemed remarkably unfazed, despite Gywn’s fear that she would freak out. They seemed largely to have been talking about trying to scry to find Siansa to tell her the news, but I never really found out as Gwyn promptly fell asleep again.

This gave me a chance to talk to Aoibheann about other news. She thought I wanted to talk about the crows that had been infesting the village, but that was not it. Those, I assumed were a subtle hint from Nemaine, something I would have to deal with. No, I had other news for her. In the night, I had felt the first stirrings of Maric’s mind. It had been very faint, and, it has to be said, somewhat primeval, animalistic. This, I suppose I should have expected, as I would imagine that he would be near frenzy when emerging from his torpor. I explained as best I could about torpor, and the recovery process, so far as I had been able to discern it from Maric’s notes.

It took some explaining. She was somewhat excited, and it took a while to persuade her that it would not be a good idea for her to see him just yet. Given that both she and Gwyn had been in comas, she understood that bit, but had a harder time grasping the concept of frenzy. She seemed to think that she could calm Maric down. I told her about how Katharina had almost killed me in a frenzy, even though we were lovers. I think I got the idea across in the end. She was also not best pleased with my explanation of how I would be providing the blood to him. She found the idea of the blood cocktail somewhat distasteful and wasn’t even sure if he would like werewolf blood, much less mine or faerie blood. Since I knew, through the link and the times he had fed from me, how much he craved fae blood, I assured her that he did like that and I assumed that since he had bonded with Kustav and the brothers, he must therefore have fed from them.

My general idea was to start with human blood, and then ramp up to werewolf, mine and fae blood. I did suggest that Aoibheann might want to contribute, but, after some discussion, decided that it wouldn’t be fair for his first taste of her to be down a rubber tube. That, we decided should be a special occasion, just like it will be for Gwyn and I. Complete with the red dress, at least in Aoibheann’s case. I don’t know what Gwyn will be wearing if we ever get to our cottage by the sea.

Aoibheann had some things she wanted to do. She wanted to make sure Maric’s room was tidy and welcoming for him when he awoke. And maybe she could write him one last letter. I told her that was fine, because I still needed to get all the ingredients and equipment together before I could start feeding him. She also suggested that I run him a bath and have a glass of wine ready. Good ideas both, but somehow I don’t think this awakening is going to be like emerging from an afternoon nap.

She returned to the village to make preparations, as did I, after taking the sleeping Gwyn back to her bed in the official residence. I am always careful when I carry her, but this time, even more so. I can’t take any chances, not now. Not with children on the way, whether they are mine or not.

Bits and Pieces


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