Little Arrows

I have been neglecting my duties. I promised some while ago that I would draft some accords between ourselves and Faerie. I made a start, or at least, I read up what I could in Maric’s libraries on treaties and accords of various sorts, and made a ton of notes on things that I felt should be covered, but I got distracted by other things and never made a start on the actual accords. I should really do so soon. Apparently, Maric had a conversation with Janus and Gwyn and the topic of the accords came up, since a peace is desired between the two realms. On the down side, Janus blames Aoibheann for the attack on the Mallorn tree, and apparently, Gwyn did not defend her. Nevertheless, Maric will refuse to allow any punishment of Aoibheann, taking any consequences on himself. That said,he also needed to be sure that peace would be secure between us and asked for my suggestions. He was also worried that this might cause a conflict of interest for me.

My suggestions were that we should point out, in mitigation, that Aoibheann acted without malice and that Alec and Isabella’s response was totally out of proportion to the harm done to them or to their child. I also suggested that it was possible that they had used this incident as an excuse, that they may have had designs on the Mallorn tree, and took advantage of the incident to steal a part of him for their own ends. I said that we could also offer the fact that Aoibheann had suffered a great deal already, because of her connection with the tree, thus further sanctions should not be necessary.

As to my loyalties, I could see where he was coming from, because of my relationship with Gwyn. I told him that there should not be a problem. Aoibheann was a citizen of Mysthaven, and thus I was sworn to defend her, even from Janus and Gwyn; my duty being entirely separate from my relationship with Gwyn. I suggested that we should emphasis that harm to Ardan was harm to all of us, that harm to the Summerlands was harm to all of us and that we should concentrate on the larger issue of establishing mutual security and defence, and prepare from threats from without rather than wrangling over events in the past.

Those suggestions reassured him, and he was glad that I was working on the accords. There were other worries though. The woman, Tammi, had apparently returned from Hell with Maric and was apparently in possession of the woman, Medea. He said that Vedis had gone to speak with her. It was a pain, but until our obligation to Vedis was discharged, we had to carry on helping. He seemed a little embarrassed to say it, but he told me that he needed to build up his strength. I am not entirely sure why he felt the need to explain it to me, but I told him I understood, and that I had no problem with that provided he wasn’t planning on biting Gwyn or me. For that, I would prefer to be asked first. That seemed to ease his mind also, but I am still uncertain why he felt the need to get my approval.

On a lighter note, Vuk has started training Aoibheann and Wren on the art of the bow. I am no mean user of the bow myself, after my experience hunting in Jasper Cove, and distant memories of archery lessons at school, but I felt this was best left to the professional. It would be uncharitable for me to say that the safest place during the initial lessons was probably standing right in front of the target, at least, in Aoibheann’s case, but on the initial showing, it might be true. I have to admire Vuk’s patience and tenacity.

Little Arrows


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