Two Souls, One Body

Duality is something I seem to have to deal with more often than I would like. Back in Jasper Cove, there was the matter of Daimon and the White Stag. There and here, we had Llwyd and the Huntsman. Here we also had Catbird and Umbra. I suppose I have some measure of duality myself, between my kindred and fae aspects, but at least, so far as I know, I am still one person, one soul.

Now, we have Medea and Tammi. In this case, not the figure from Greek mythology, but the daughter of the not-exactly-late Vedis. And Tammi, our occasionally human visitor who was looking for Katy. Apparently, they are sharing a body. And no, I don’t know why or how.

I was doing my abbreviated rounds of the village, well, more of a quick visual check from the front of the castle, when I noticed a winged figure sitting on the roof of the well. She had bat-like wings and at least one tail, so I had to assume a demonic nature, but she seemed harmless enough. She just looked at me and remarked that I seemed a busy man. I said that I was the Town Steward, so it was my job to be busy. I told her my name was Nathaniel and asked who she might be.

She did not answer my question; instead, she addressed me as Steward Nathaniel and commented that my hair was the same colour as her mother’s and asked if we were family. Her own hair was black, which she said she got from her father.

I said that it would rather depend on who her mother was. My hair, I said, came from my mother, from the Irish side of the family. She flew down from the well and landed beside me. She as fairly sure her mother was not Irish, since she probably predated the Irish. She wanted to know if I remembered the Tuatha de Danaan and if my father had red hair.

I told her Father’s hair had been black, even if I mostly remembered him being grey. I did not remember the Tuatha personally, I said, but admitted that I was related to them through my great grandmother. I asked her name again, telling her that as steward, it was my job to know who was around the village.

It was then that she said that she was Medea, though she also said that Tammi might disagree when she was around. I wasn’t sure what to make of that at the time, since it was only later that she explained about sharing the body. I opined that since she was unlikely to be the wife of Jason and priestess of Hecate, she must, therefore, be the daughter of my friend Vedis.

That interested her. She wanted to know when I knew her mother, which I said was a rather complicated question. By my own experience, it was three or four years ago, at Fiendish Pleasures in London, when I thought it was 1891 by the common calendar. But, relative to now, I did not know. I mentioned the idea that it might be some time in the future now, after my encounter with the phoenix.

Wren joined us, apparently fascinated by the winged woman. Medea saw her and flew around, doing a loop before returning and asking Wren her name. We chatted for a while about sharing names. Fortunately, Wren only shared Wren and Sophia. I must remember to chat to her about the power of names, especially when dealing with demons and the fae. Medea claimed she only had the one name, but I somehow doubt it. As I said at the time, knowing her full name would give me power over her, and I doubted that she would share that so easily. I also had to dissuade Medea from giving Wren flying lessons. Wren asked about the wings, which is how I learned that Medea was borrowing Tammi’s body so she could explore these lands. Tammi is apparently a witch, her daughter is the Katy that was mentioned when I met her before, and Mac is her husband. She wouldn’t tell me any more, claiming that it was Tammi’s story to tell, not hers. We spoke briefly of Vedis, and how we had tried to help her. Eventually, she told us that she was looking for Maric or Galyanna.

I tested the mental link, and could not raise Maric, so I assumed him to be sleeping or otherwise unavailable, and told Medea so. I had not seen Galyanna in some time. I had not even seen this Kitori who had visited us pretending to be Galyanna. As an aside, I explained to Wren what Galyanna was, and explained further about Ravens, Rooks and Sigils. I told Medea that I would leave messages for Maric that she was looking for him and the same for Galyanna. I told her that if I couldn’t contact her directly, I would leave a note with Hal in the tavern.

Further discussion was interrupted by a rather loud noise from somewhere beyond the village boundaries. It wasn’t exactly the sound of an explosion, more of a large collision, as if something heavy had landed. A rock falling perhaps. Just in case, I called the guards and ordered a Stage One alert to be sounded. I ordered Wren to take shelter in the castle and told Medea she was welcome to take shelter with us. Instead, she flew straight up and looked over towards. She called down to say that she could only see a lot of fog or mist and remarked about the really bright tree. When she came down again, I told her that it was the faerie throne tree and that she should not visit there unless invited.

I sent a couple of guards to investigate and they reported back that all they could find was a very cold area of disturbed rocks and earth, with lots of shards of ice. I was not sure what to make of that. I could not imagine that a meteor made of ice would survive the fall. Mostly, it sounded like something that Gwythyr would have done. There was always a lot of cold around him, but he was supposedly gone on, into the west. Janus now held the Unseelie Crown, but this did not strike me as being the sort of thing he would have done.

While I was trying to work out what to do, we had a visitor, a gentleman who claimed to be a merchant traveller by the name of Blaise, though he denied any knowledge or connection to our erstwhile fae prince. He was a little discomfited by being escorted by the guard, but I explained that we were on alert at the moment. I was mildly curious that his arrival coincided with the loud noise, but he did not look to be any sort of ice-monster. I directed him to take our hospitality at the tavern.

Since there appeared to be no further activity, I told Mirko to stand down the alert, but left a couple of guards to keep an eye on the hole in the ground and to be extra vigilant at the borders.

As I was getting things organised, Maric’s thoughts came through the link. His mood was black and I could tell his control was not at its strongest. He was certainly in no state to deal with visitors. His main concern was that Aoibheann had done one of her vanishing tricks. He could tell that she was well, but not where she was. We spoke a while on the need to research more location spells, and on ways we could better secure the border. We did not speak for long, as he had to devote a lot of effort to his own situation. I promised I would look into protection spells and location spells when I had some time. I suspected Aoibheann had switched realms again, perhaps going to visit Hadley. Given recent circumstances, this struck me as most unwise, but such considerations have never bothered Aoibheann.

The rest of the day passed without incident. I did try to do some research, but my brain was not really in the mood and I gave up soon after.

Two Souls, One Body


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