Blood and Bacon

It was a day largely occupied by the bureaucracy involved in looking after a village of this size. Nothing very exciting, just a continuous stream of questions, clarifications, and such like. How can it be that a day that featured an almost total lack of demonic invasions, magical disasters, disappearances of Aoibheanns, and random visitations of any sort ends up being more exhausting than days which do feature such things. OK, maybe practising my bat technique probably helped add to the exhaustion, but I wasn’t out that long.

I did have a pleasant conversation with Wren before and over dinner. I was taking a break from the paperwork, and, of course, spent that break reading. This time, I was reading up on shape-shifting in some of Maric’s more esoteric tomes. Some day, I shall have to have him teach me the language, whatever that language is, so I can read more of his own notes on such things. Wren wandered in, playing with Wicket as usual and, as seems to be the habit, asked what I was reading. In particular, she asked if I was reading more weird English. I guess she was referring to our conversation about the Pearl poem a few days before.

In keeping with my plan of complete honesty with her, I said I was reading up on vampire magic because I had missed out on a lot of learning when I first became a vampire. She wanted to know if vampire magic was different from other sorts of magic and also wanted to know why I had missed out on my learning.

I proffered my opinion that magic was merely a matter of manipulating energies through willpower and knowing how to do so. I wasn’t exactly a good example, since I was part vampire, part fae, so had access to both types of magic. I tried to explain it as best I could, but I am still not sure what the differences are myself. I know that when I am doing specifically vampire things, I call on the power of the blood, and when I am doing fae things, I call upon the Wyld, the life energy. To be honest, I am no longer sure what I am calling upon half the time; I just know the power is there when I need it.

As to my lack of learning, I weighed that question for a moment and decided to tell her the full story. It wasn’t a pleasant story, but I felt she should know. I told her about my trips to Bremerhaven, and how I came to meet Katherina, and how we became occasional lovers. I told how I went to her house once during the day, not having known she was a vampire and disturbed her from her rest. I told her how she had frenzied and attacked me, and the only way to save me was to turn me into a vampire myself. I then explained how I had only had the one weekend with her to learn the very basics, plus what she wrote me in her letter, before having to return to my ship, and how I had never seen her again.

She took it all in, and was glad that I had not been killed, but wanted to know about the turning, so I explained further the process of the embrace, after getting her to promise she wouldn’t talk about it to anybody. That led to further questions about blood and feeding, which I answered as best I could and as honestly as I could. At least she didn’t ask me about my current feeding habits. I would have felt a little embarrassed about explaining how there were a few people in the village who were willing to donate, on their behalves as well as my own. Especially as the feeding come perilously close to the sort of kissing things that Wren still finds so gross.

I told her then about how I had come across Alec and Isabella in the woods, and how I had received a huge dose of fae lifegiver energy from her, which had led to me regaining a heartbeat, breathing, and the ability to eat real food. I also told her that Faermorn had later awakened more of the fae side of me, adding that a lot of time, I was not entirely sure what I was at the moment.

She grinned and told me I was a Nathaniel, to which I replied that I was not A Nathaniel but THE Nathaniel. We then went on to talk about food, and how wonderful it had been, the first time I was able to eat again after eight years of a purely vampiric diet. She was most amused by the story of how I made Hal make me a bacon sandwich as the first thing I had and how it was still the best thing I had ever eaten. She laughed and said that she would probably die if she couldn’t have pastries.

Which was a perfect cue for us to go and have dinner, so we did.

I am not entirely sure why I feel relaxed about confiding in Wren. Perhaps, again, I hope to gain her confidence so that she fells she can tell me things. Also, being young, she perhaps sees things differently, and has a knack of asking more direct questions. Maybe, some day, she will tell me what so troubled her to make her leave the camp.



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