Climbing Trees

Wren has been teaching Hadley how to climb trees. Somehow Maric was involved in this, or possibly, he was trying to get her down again. I turned up somewhere towards the end of whatever it was. Aoibheann said something about one day teaching Hadley to climb Ardan. Somehow, that seemed a very bad idea, but I held my tongue. Maric invited us all back to the castle for something to eat and drink.

On the way back, he mentioned that Senna had been hitting the drink rather heavily and if she wanted to drink whisky in those quantities, she would have to start making it herself. From memory, I suspected that Senna cared only about the alcohol content and suggested we make a still and brew up some basic spirits. In the meantime, I told Hal that Senna was to pay for her own drinks and she wasn’t allowed to charge any to my tab, or anybody else’s.

Back at the castle, Maric decided to forgo wine for the benefit of our younger guests. Fortunately, I had already instructed the cook on some of my mother’s recipes for soft drinks, such as lemonade and ginger beer. I told them that the lemonade was ready, but that the ginger beer was being somewhat lively and cook was currently fending it off with an upturned chair and a whip.

While we were waiting for the lemonade and some strawberry cake, we talked about the library and education. We figured that between Maric and I, we would be able to provide a decent education for both of them, and anybody else who wanted to take part. I teased Wren again about the mathematics lessons she was owed. I assured her it would be interesting; along with all the other subjects we could manage between us.

There was some concern over Hadley’s health. I gathered she had been having headaches, which she was keen to fob off as being a result of trying to read too much, but Maric was not so sure. He tried to ask her, telling her that he could help. She still insisted that there was nothing wrong, even with my attempt to persuade her to trust Maric. I suggested mentally that it might be an idea to leave it for now, as the child could be stubborn. She might come round to telling us, or at l east Aoibheann in her own time. In the meanwhile, I would ask the castle and tavern staff to keep an eye on her and report any symptoms, or behaviour that would suggest all was not well.

We had a pleasant dinner after that, although Maric did not take any of the solid food, until such time as he left on his own business. I was rather tired too, so left Aoibheann and the girls to it. I am concerned for Hadley. Perhaps she has not fully recovered from whatever caused her to be in the hospital. I will have to keep an eye on her.

Climbing Trees


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