Mother and Child

Dorina seems to be bonding with Hadley well. We have had a couple of conversations since the other night. She tells me that she lost her mother when she was Hadley’s age, so she understands the pain. Hadley started calling her Mama, so she started calling her daughter. And now she was happy to take that role. Especially now that Hadley had also lost her auntie Vedis. I gave her some of the background, and how they had known Vedis before they came to this place, back in Jasper Cove.

I said that she seemed to be doing a fine job, and was glad that Helene was able to help with the healing. I did not mention that the previous day, I had gone to see Helene, and had been able to use my fae powers to sense Hadley’s arm, after much persuasion, just to reassure myself that it was a purely physical injury with no supernatural component. I did tell her to be on the lookout for any manifestations of magic, explaining that Hadley had magic, but had not yet learned to control it properly. I also thought of what had happened in Hadley’s immediate past and suggested that Dorina should be as honest as possible with Hadley, since her parents had lied to her so much.

She appreciated that, especially as Lorcan, her father, if I recall correctly, had lied to her a lot. She understood that pain too. I think she will be a good mother to Hadley.

She had other more disturbing news. She had an encounter with Lucis. They had some sort of disagreement, possibly while her other half was in control. On some previous encounter, Lucis had lost her wings as a result of something Dorina did and was after payback. Dorina offered blood, but Lucis wanted more, she wanted Dorina to serve her. That, she could not do, she said, because she had already sworn to protect the village and to protect Hadley, taking another oath was not something she could risk, especially with the Huntsman around. I asked if she was sure it was Lucis, thinking of that darker nature that she had – Umbra – but she was fairly sure that it was Lucis herself, albeit a little crazy. I commended her for not taking any further oath and asked that she keep me advised if there were further developments.

She told me a little more about how she was working with her darker half. She had stopped calling it the beast, and was allowing it partial control, going hunting for animals etc. This had been working, but the other half was growing tired of animal blood. She wanted to speak to Maric about it. I had to explain about the torpor and suggested that if he didn’t recover soon, I would try to help. She offered blood, if that would help, which was nice of her, but I do not know how dhampyr blood would work. I had been planning on using my own, but even that had risks, because of his weakness for the fae. I thanked her anyway and said I would get back to her if it was needed.

So, we have a Lucis in town again. I shall have to keep an eye out. She was always a bit of a wild-card and if she is less sane than normal, it could present a problem. I shall have to keep an eye out.

Mother and Child


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