Without Wings

I am getting better used to the castle senses, learning how to ignore it most of the time, and yet notice when something unusual happens. On a less happy note, what it told me about was the arrival of Lucis.

I was in my chambers, when I heard, faintly, the sound of something scrabbling on the roof and falling. At least, I think I heard it, or maybe it could have been the castle senses, or a combination of both. Certainly, it was the castle sense that directed me to the balcony outside my room. There, I found Lucis in a crumpled heap on the mat, apparently having fallen from the roof.

I asked her what she was doing here, and, after the previous evening’s activities, what she had been doing with Dorina. She gave me a guilty look and said that she had just been watching, but it wasn’t as easy as it used to be. I said that I had heard she had lost her wings and asked again what had happened with Dorina, suggesting we go inside to talk.

She got very defensive. If I was going to take the side of that vile creature, she said, she would rather stay outside. She may not be able to fly, but she could still run. I reminded her that I was steward of the village and that it wasn’t about taking sides, it was about resolving disputes, especially any that escalated to violence. That was my business. I asked her to sit and tell me her side. She said that she had been in the vaults and Dorina had attacked her there. For some reason, she had been unable to draw on any life force down there, so had had to absorb her wings to survive. It was later that she had gotten into an argument with Dorina, and she had to do something, for appearance’s sake, because of the wings.

I explained about Dorina’s darker side, something that Lucis should know only too well, having had that problem herself. I was not sure what to believe about their dispute, and decided that I wanted no more of it. I told her that I wanted it ended, now – no more arguments, to let it drop, and that I would say the same to Dorina. She argued somewhat, claiming she was an elf, far older than me and wasn’t to be ordered around by the likes of me. I told her that her race, and her age, were irrelevant. While she was here in the village, Maric’s word, or mine in his absence, was the law and if either of them started fighting again, I would lock them in a cell together until they resolved things peacefully.

Eventually, she reluctantly agreed to regard the dispute as over. She declined my offer of breakfast, having already had some apples from the orchard and said she was back off to the fae realms. With that, she jumped over the balcony and disappeared off towards faerie.

I am not sure how much I trust her, so I will have to keep an eye on things. I should probably alert the faerie authorities just in case. If she does not respect my authority, she might at least accept theirs. If not, then we have a problem.

Without Wings


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