((Catchup post – original RP 3 Nov 2014))

My chambers seem to be becoming the social centre of the castle. The other night, it was Dyisi and then Dorina and Hadley. Tonight, it was Maric and Aoibheann, returned from a meeting with Janus. And later, briefly, Dorina again, though she and I did not get a chance to speak.

Maric came seeking my advice concerning an amulet that Janus had fashioned for Aoibheann. He wanted an independent view of its function, from the point of view of my fae senses. They came to my room, and for some inexplicable reason, Aoibheann decided she didn’t want to sit with us, opting instead to climb on the canopy of my bed. Fortunately, I had made sure that the woodwork was substantial for very heavy curtains and figured it could easily bear Aoibheann’s slight frame.

The amulet in question was shaped like an oak-leaf and hung easily around her neck. She sat fingering it in a manner that suggested she wasn’t too happy about wearing it. At Maric’s unspoken suggestion, I reached out with my fae sense, tasting and scenting, for want of better words to describe the senses, trying to discern its function and purpose. A protection, it seemed, and more specifically, a protection against fae influences. That surprised me a little, but then, given that we were trying to help Aoibheann deal with her passenger, who was fae-born, perhaps it shouldn’t have. I probed further and smiled to myself as I determined that it was mostly a protection against being elf-struck. I wasn’t quite sure how that would work against her Huntsman, but it struck me as being an appropriate protection nevertheless. I told them this, but kept quiet about the other thing I had detected; that it could be used to locate her. Given how skittish she is about the fae, and especially Janus, I figured that might spook her into taking it off. I told Maric the latter privately by a thought.

Outwardly, he seemed pleased with the amulet’s function and wondered if he could get one too, while privately agreeing with me that the locating aspect was an aspect best kept from her. Aoibheann, of course, said that he could have her amulet. Somewhat inexplicably, she offered it by hanging upside down by her knees from the top of the bed canopy, leaving her face and the amulet around his eye-level. I refrained from commenting, although inwardly, I was mildly amused, wondering how mortified she would be if she realised just how much of herself she was revealing, belly and legs. Strangely, it did not touch me, Aoibheann being like a sister to me, but I could sense that it moved Maric, although he tried not to show it. He seemed to regard her antics fondly and allowed a brief kiss before tempting her down from the canopy with the offer of chocolate mead.

Aoibheann protested that we hadn’t worked out how to make that yet. Maric agreed, but said that in the meanwhile, he had worked out a recipe with the cook to blend mead, cream and hot chocolate. I gave them a moment of privacy as he carried her from the bed to the couch and instructed the servants to bring said drinks.

We sat and talked a while of our immediate problem, of how to deal with that part of the Huntsman that dwelled within Aoibheann. Perhaps, we wondered, we could simply try to talk to him, reason with him maybe persuade him to leave her. The question then was who he would listen to. There were limited people who had previous experience: myself, Hadley, Aoibheann herself. We all knew him of old, before even we came to Ashmourne. Aoibheann also suggested the White Stag, as hosted by Daimon, but we had not seen him in some considerable time.

We reached no real conclusion and soon, perhaps influenced by the mead, Aoibheann began to nod off. Maric asked me if I would escort her to her chambers as he needed to talk with somebody – who turned out to be Dorina since she knocked on my door just as I was about to leave with Aoibheann. I don’t know what business she had with Maric, other than him helping her, as I had been doing, with controlling her more bestial half. I decided not to ask and took Aoibheann to her rooms. When I returned, Maric and Dorina had gone elsewhere, which was fine by me, as I felt the need for some sleep also. I took a few moments to rearrange the bed’s canopy, disarrayed somewhat by Aoibheann’s gymnastic antics, but after that, I remembered nothing.





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