Cat People

I went to the Roads today. It is strange how a place that is so inhospitable, so cold and desolate, can feel like home in many ways. I suppose it is more by association than anything. The Cait are among my dearest friends and Valene, dearest of them all, a friend long before I even knew of the Cait, long before I came to this strange place.

As ever, when I went to the abode of the Cait Queen, the Cait deferred to me. I went first to her chambers, more in faint hope than anything else, and spent some time seated where she would normally have slept, if nothing else, for the faint scent of mint that still lingered. Some of the younger Cait, perhaps sensing my mood, came and offered affection, climbing into my lap and rubbing against my leg. I scratched them in return and played with them, as one might with kittens and it lifted my mood. After a while, one of the older Cait peered around the entrance and asked if there was anything I required, so I said that I wished to speak with Sebastian.

I went into the throne room and perched on one arm of the empty throne, as I was wont to do and soon Sebastian arrived and perched on the other. We gave each other greeting and he asked what it was I wished. I explained the situation, and said that all I asked was passage through the Roads so that Mornoth and his men could retrieve the demi-fae queen.

Passage through the Roads I could have, he told me, adding that as Sigil, I need not even ask, however, I think he appreciated the courtesy.  The matter of the demi-fae queen was one he agreed needed dealing with. He then looked towards the entrance to the bower, and like me, said that his only concern was with Mother. Strange that I had thought the same thing, or perhaps not. I said that I would deal with Mother and suggested that maybe a few snacks from the casualties of the encounter would suffice to appease her. Sebastian agreed, saying that perhaps, in a strange way, I knew her best.

I thanked him, albeit indirectly, feeling safer doing so among these fae than others and said that I would send for help once we had identified the location of the demi-fae. As I got up to leave, I could not help but glance at the empty throne seat between us. Sebastian noticed my glance and read the unasked question. “She fares well enough,” he said in answer, but could not elaborate more. I asked that he would pass on my love and to tell her that we all missed her and that she was always welcome, wherever my queen and I might be. I left then, dismissing the young Cait as I made my way across the arid landscape. I was preparing to open the veil to pass through, back to the castle, but I changed my mind. The castle could wait, I thought, and instead, made my way to the bower and the arms of my beloved Queen.

Cat People


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