[OOC] How time flies…

I noticed, quite by chance, that today is the 5th birthday of this journal. How time flies when you are having fun.

I am somewhat disappointed in myself that I have been neglecting this journal for some while. This is a combination of real life pressures and occasional gaps in role-play. I do have some catch-up posts squirreled away somewhere, and I will get them posted just as soon as I get round to it, hopefully soon.

Nathaniel has more or less moved to White Owl Island, with occasional business to deal with back in Mysthaven. White Owl Island  has had some problems with attacks on the supernatural community from a somewhat shadowy hate group, but lacking knowledge of modern technology, Nathaniel has been unable to help much in finding out what is going on.

Sadly, White Owl Island is going to have to close due to real life pressures. The accompanying sim, which hosts the forest and faerie parts of the game, among others, will be continuing, but RP will be on hold for a while so that we can do some rebooting that will allow us to continue the story we started, albeit without the island itself. Watch this space for news.

In the meanwhile, happy 5th Birthday to Home is the Sailor. I’d like to thank everybody who has stuck with it over the years, despite my occasionally sporadic output. I hope to rectify that bit soon, so, I hope I’ll continue to see you around.





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