The Year Turns Around Again

I was born in 1853. That much I know for certain. I was married to my dear Alexandra in 1880. I lost her to the pains of childbirth in 1885, the same year that Katarina took me from the mortal life I had known and thrust me into this world of darkness before vanishing from my life. For six years, I wandered, seeking answers and seeking her, until I fetched up on the Isle of Legacies, that strange mirror of the London I had once known. That was in 1891. That was the last time, until now, that I knew for certain what year it might be. Since then, I have known only the turning of the wheel of the year; not by the numbers on the calendar, but by the passage of the sun and stars. And so it was through the time that passed in Jasper Cove, Ashmourne Wylds and Mysthaven. I could not say for certain how many years, for I was not as assiduous as I could have been in recording the passage of time in my journal, but I suspect at least five.

But now, once again, I am back in what passes for the normal passage of time. I followed my heart, following my wife across the realms to the 21st century. I followed her to the year 2017 of the Common Era, which phrase I am told is now preferred to the Anno Domini that was the habit in my time. For the first time in many a year, I once more knew both where and when I was. I was on an island in Puget Sound. I found myself, once again, managing a bar. I found myself learning the basics of the marvel that is the Internet. I found that human nature has not changed in the 126 years since I left the world I once knew and had to deal with those who would hate another for what they were.

So my memory tells me. The rest of the world, as I recorded in an earlier journal entry, thinks otherwise. I do not yet know why. Whatever other disparities there may be between my memories and those of the world, the time itself has not changed. It is still 2017, if only for a short while longer. I am grateful that I will get to spend this New Year’s Eve in the company of Gwyn, my beloved wife and our close friends. The house is not yet completely organised as we might wish, but the important parts, the library and private chambers are already a home. And so, we shall celebrate, quietly, but in good company.

What the coming year will bring, I do not know. There is much to be done in preparing Awenia for when it becomes an open faerie realm, arrangements to be made, negotiations with the Consilium Arcanum etc. There will be times I will not be needed and I have a hankering for travel. The possibilities are endless. Between the Shadow Roads and my own abilities to walk the realms, I could go almost anywhere. The biggest problem is choosing where. In the meanwhile, I will go join my wife and friends to ring in the New Year.



Hi there. While Nathaniel goes off to celebrate, I, Nathaniel’s chronicler and typist, am going to take over. 2017 has not been the most productive year for this journal. Role play, for various reasons, has been thin on the ground for Nathaniel and my other characters. That said, it has still been a productive year. I’ve worked on various other projects at the Daily Dash in Milk Wood, the best writing community in Second Life, and on stuff not related to Second Life. I even had a go at Nanowrimo. Of course, as with every other year I have attempted Nano, real life intervened and stole most of my writing time during November. Despite that, I achieved more words than I might otherwise have done. I don’t do resolutions, but I plan on being a bit more disciplined with regards to writing in the coming year.

I also hope to get more role play in. Nathaniel’s home sim is unlikely to be up and running for role play for a few months, but I hope to take him on a grand tour of other sims in the meanwhile. And, with a bit of luck, my other characters will get some playtime in too.

To all those who have stuck with me over the years, and those few who have sampled the contributions from Albert, Katarina, Francois and Ben, I thank you for your patience. I wish you all a happy, prosperous and productive New Year. Many thanks to all the fellow role-players without whom none of Nathaniel’s adventures could have happened. In particular, Faermorn, Dyisi, Wren, Kit and especially Gwen, a blogger, photographer, role-player, friend and all round wonderful person who also portrays Gwyn, Nathaniel’s wife.  I’ll now return you to Nathaniel…

Oh! He seems to be busy with Gwyn. Oh my goodness, I didn’t know you could do that with a bottle of rum and a bunch of mistletoe… maybe we’ll just leave it there.

The Year Turns Around Again 


One thought on “The Year Turns Around Again

  1. I think 2018 is going to be when I learn how to role play. Happy New Year, Nathaniel. May 2018 be a year of emotional prosperity and happy hours of role play.

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