Time for Change

I paid a brief visit to Mysthaven today, to see how the reconstruction was progressing. Things seem to be slowly settling down, although the castle still, to me, seems somewhat fluid. Meanwhile, in the town square, smaller details are beginning to appear – braziers and other lanterns to light the area, benches for people to sit.

And there is a notice-board. I had not considered such a thing before, relying on my daily briefings with the stewards and them then disseminating the information to the townsfolk. I still prefer that method, although I can see much benefit in a written version for those who were not present, or for visitors.

There was only one thing on the notice-board. It was an old friend, in the shape of the painted version of Maric’s Laws of Mysthaven, which had previously been affixed to the tavern door. I don’t know how it had survived the reshaping of the town, but somehow it had, and somebody had decided the town notice-board was the place for it. I cannot disagree with that choice, as it would be the logical place for it, now that we had a notice-board. I reached out and touched the paintwork, remembering when I had asked for it to be made. And, I read the laws for the first time in a long while Of course, I know them off by heart, but, I have rarely had cause to think of them, nor have I consciously registered them when going in and out of the tavern.

Reading them again gave me to thinking. Maric, for all that I loved him and love him still, is gone. Mysthaven is mine to guard and protect now. Mine is the law of the land now. Perhaps, it was time to revisit those laws.


The castle and village and surrounding forest of Mysthaven is guarded at all times by a strong fighting force under my command. I guard what is mine and under my protection by all necessary means.

All are welcome to shelter within Mysthaven, if they abide by the following laws:

Seek no actions hostile to me or those I command or you shall be exiled.

Provide what is needed to me and to those I command upon request or you risk exile.

If you die and do not return to your body by other means, you are then mine to command as I see fit.

Those exiled or unwelcome to Mysthaven shall be turned away at the Gate or else hunted or killed.

Acceptance gains my protection. Refusal shall be exile. My Word is Law.

By Decree of

Lord Maric

I can find little to disagree with there, save for that third clause, concerning the disposition of those who died. That one, I feel, should change, for there I do not hold with Maric’s views. It is not for me to decide the fate of those who are unfortunate enough to die while in my service or under my protection. If circumstances permitted, I would make the offer, but I would never presume to make that choice for them, unless they had expressed some prior preference. That is something I should do some time soon, enquire of the guards and the volunteer force, and my stewards as to their preference in this matter, since they are the ones most likely to die in my service.

I am not so sure about the fourth clause, now I think about it. Those who trespass against Mysthaven should be exiled, but I am not so sure about execution. If they attack, then we will defend, to the death. Hunting and killing, well, that would depend on the crime. Again, this one I will have to consider further.

I should probably add a reference to the Accords between Mysthaven and the Summerlands, since I am responsible for enforcing those as well. Assuming, of course, that Mornoth intends to uphold them too.

I could make these changes, but, while it is time for change, I do not think I can make those changes alone. I should consult with Kustav and my stewards. Ultimately, as Lord of Mysthaven, the decision is mine, and mine alone, but I would rather have some consensus before I make that decision. I shall have to meet with them soon.

Another thought occurs to me in regard to that clause regarding the disposition of the dead. That was Maric’s law and he held great power in respect of the deceased. As a vampire. I now hold that power, even if I do not yet know, fully, the extent of those powers. I have not yet explored that because I lack knowledge. But, and therein lies the rub, I am something different from Maric. I also hold the fae power, the power of the Wyld. Isabella may not have intended that, for she did not even know I was there, but she imbued me with that life-giver energy. T hat was further strengthened by the Quickening I received from Faermorn, and no doubt, has since been reinforced because I am consort to a Faerie Queen. I know what I can do as a vampire, for I have done it to one of the guards. I know I can bring a man back from the brink, into the dark life I know, or knew. What I can do with the powers that Maric had, I do not yet know. Similarly, I do not know what power I have over life and death from the fae side, and there, as with the vampire powers, there are none that I can ask. Worse still, it is not something I can practice, save by killing people and then experimenting, which I cannot countenance.  Perhaps the answers lie in Maric’s library, which I shall no doubt peruse, once the castle has finished reshaping itself. Perhaps there are answers too among the fae texts, if I can gain access to them. There, I hope my daughter can help. Mornoth may object, but I am sure she can be very persuasive. When I find her again, I shall have to ask.

Time for Change


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