A Giant Arm, Bearing a Torch

One great advantage of working for a shipping company is that it is easy to get a berth to almost anywhere. I was therefore able to take my darling Alexandra on the trip of a lifetime, to the City of New York in America. We had the most enjoyable time, wining and dining, seeing the sights. Alexandra was particularly taken by a giant arm, bearing a torch, on display in Madison Square Park. Apparently, it will be part of a huge statue being built in the harbour. Most of my journal from that trip has been lost, but I still have the newspaper cutting from the local newspaper reporting on the wedding. It was a remarkable edition, because the family made the front page twice – in the story about the wedding and in the article about Fort Luton. It would have been three times had I not lost the bottom half of the page, because the new school reported upon was also going to be built by Father’s company.


Conversations with a Prince, Pt 1

(For those who care – the name of the paper is authentic, as are the names of the publishers and the editor. The mayor named in the wedding article is real. The story about Fort Luton is made up, but based on things happening around that time, save that the companies mentioned were made up)


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