The Leaving of London

Nathaniel’s story started in the Isle of Legacies, part of a collection of Sims collectively known as Legacies 1891. This was before I conceived the idea of keeping Nathaniel’s diary in the form of a blog (although, ICly, he did indeed keep a diary). Some day, maybe, I will retrieve data from those early logs and reconstruct those years. In time, the maintenance of those Sims became too much for their founder and creator, Trijin Bade, and Legacies closed. This prompted me to at least attempt to continue Nathaniel’s story in narrative form on the LARPS website. In that, he sailed away from London on the small sailing ship that had become his home – the Bold Admiral – in search of his sire. He returned to the city of Bremerhaven in search of her… and there, the story fell into the abyss of time lost.

Later, I had the chance to continue Nathaniel’s story, in Jasper Cove, and later, in Ashmourne, later Wicked Wylds. I chose to branch Nathaniel’s story somewhere between leaving London and arriving in Bremerhaven, having him shipwrecked, and thus setting up the story for his arrival in Jasper Cove. The story up until that point still stands, and is presented here.

Time for Goodbyes

Casting Off

Feline Friends

And thus, we arrive at the beginning of this story – Choices, Choices

The Bold Admiral 2