From Nathaniel’s Pen

The Creative Writings of Nathaniel Ballard

Nathaniel has almost always kept a journal; a record of his day, his thoughts about various things that have happened during the day, or occasioned by said happenings and all the other stuff that one might commonly find in a diary. Shortly after he arrived in Jasper Cove, it occurred to him that he has hardly ever put pen to paper in the pursuit of creativity. Aside from a few execrable short stories when he was very young and some embarrassing poetry in his late teens, he has written very little outside of his journal entries. With more time on his hands, he now has aspirations to be a writer, an author, and possibly, may the gods defend us, a poet. Such writings as he may commit may be found in these pages. Down there, below the picture, if you dare…

Disclaimer: Nathaniel ‘lived’ in the latter part of the 19th century, so many things that influence me, the man behind the curtain, are unknown to him. Any resemblence, in his fiction, to any institutions, persons, living, dear, or undead, real or fictional may be entirely coincidental, or may result from me trying to put ideas into the imagination of a Victorian accountant who read far too much as a child. Given that he might well ‘live’ until the present day, he may later come across those influences, but, at the time of his writing, he has not.


Serendipity Island

The boatman, when he offered me that choice, said I had the chance to make a new life here. That gives me an idea. What if you could take a holiday from your life, to go some place where things are different, a place where the travails of one’s life are but a trifle, where things are more like you would like them to be. Our hero, Edmund Cussons, a former academic, now isolated and disgraced by the actions of his past, might jump at such a chance…

To visit Serendipity Island, follow the link.

Black Friars

It is said you should write what you know, which already sounded silly to me, when I was reading so many fantasy books. Now, I find so many elements of what I considered to be fantasy are real. What could I do with vampires and other supernatural creatures, in the London of my time? And what if there were others, whose job was to maintain the illusion that such things were just fantasy? That gives me an idea.
To visit the Black Friars, follow the link.

Penguin Blues

A short while ago, Aoibheann came up with the idea that we should write a story about blue faerie penguins that live in the deserts of Australia, where there were also mazes of pergolas.  It all seemed highly improbable, and part of me did wonder where she had even heard of Australia, since I was fairly sure it was not known to Europeans in her time, but, having been given the challenge, I felt obliged to put my mind to it…

To learn about blue faerie penguins…

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