Black Friars

Black Friars

black friars book
I seem to have stalled on telling Edmund’s story, but other ideas are coming into my head, ever since meeting the faun, Zarla. There have been too many nights, of late, when there has been hardly anyone around, leaving me alone with my notebooks. I found myself thinking about this whole business of maintaining my cover, of pretending to be a mere human, and how maybe other beings do the same. The queen, for example, disguises her fae nature, or at least, from what small glimpse I got that time, she seemed fae. The thought occurred that for all the care we take to remain unknown, our cover can’t always be perfect, and I wondered if there might be others out there, whose job it is to maintain the illusion, to make sure that we creatures of the night remain, so far as the majority of people are concerned, creatures of fantasy. What would they be like, and how might they do their jobs? Do they just observe, or do they take a more active role? Do they clean up the messes left behind or try to disguise the results of attacks? Are they allies or enemies to the supernatural? What if an organisation existed for this purpose, to cover the tracks of my kind, and others, in the London I used to know? This gave me an idea…

Ideas and Sketches


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